Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm SURE She'll Tweet Me Back

This was our first year to be around Nashville during Halloween.  And once I knew that, I started thinking about costumes.  

My excitement was partly due to the fact that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dressing up and partly because I hadn't been able to dress up since 2009 (but who's keeping track) when I was a crazy lady with sweat pants, a wig, and a leotard Sally O'Malley: 

Before the actual day, some friends asked if we wanted to help with a Trunk or Treat at a local church.  We said yes and got to monitor the bean bag toss.

We had a great time!  Although, Trent's back was sore the next day from picking up bean bags all night long and I was told I was mean by a kid (not in costume) because I politely told him to toss underhand the next time he came to play.  My inner PE teacher came out.  He was throwing too hard, torturing the poor pumpkin and getting dangerously close to my man's baby making parts.   

The first step to our costumes was to paint Trent's nails black.  I had too much fun.  And he actually asked, "Do they make stuff to take this stuff off?"  Bless his heart.   

Our plan for this Halloween was not having a plan.  So we got dressed up at 5:30 and hit the town.  We drove downtown and saw NO costumes.  We drove by another place.  Same thing.  I was like, "Do people in this town not dress up?"  Then I thought, "Maybe they're all dressed up as hipsters and it's not cool to dress up..." 

Then we realized that it was still pretty early and so we went to Sonic to get a snack and then we realized how old we are.  Out before 8:00 and eating in our car at Sonic.  Sweet mercy.

We finally settled on a place and walked in and people loved our attempt at the Osbournes.  We even spoke in their accents and people asked for pictures of us.  HA!  (I tweeted Sharon our picture.  I'm still waiting for her to reply.  I'm sure she will).  

Finally, people started showing up in their crazy outfits and costumes and all was well.  And this?  Is about the most amazing thing ever...

Bob Ross and his canvas.

(And, to be clear, I have no idea who these people are).

It was a fun night.  It's the only day of the year where you can see a Ninja Turtle, Dorothy, and a Confederate Soldier dance and not think twice about it.  And that's why I love Halloween.  We've already started talking about future costumes.  

And, since we don't have kids, here's the closest thing I got.  The niece and nephews.  Aren't they precious?

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Oh my WORD!!! I LOVE your costumes! And Bob Ross. That's brilliant.
    You're right, she's totally going to @ you, or RT