Saturday, December 15, 2012

That time we trespassed...

When we were in Amarillo for Thanksgiving, after the food had settled and the football game was over, we decided to walk off some of that food and go exploring around the area.

Here's the group at our first stop.  Trent, Lue Anne, Larry, Travis, Amy, Whitney and Cody.

This place used to be a part of the Craft Center in the 60's and was once some apartments.  This vacant building is igloo looking with a semi-circle shape and  standing in its emptiness, you can totally imagine hippies hanging out.  Lue Anne told us that she actually had one of them rented in the 70's!  Crazy.  She never lived in it because her friend wanted to live closer to town.

We walked about a mile to the source of our curiosity.  Amy is a realtor, and the garage door entry was open, so it wasn't breaking and entering or trespassing.  It was house hunting.  And this sign didn't apply to us.

I have never seen a house like this.  Weird, funky, creepy, cool.  Can't you just imagine a 70's movie filmed here?  

The view.  This picture does not do it justice.

Time for a swim...

To the right of the pool, there are 3-4 rooms with their own door that leads to the courtyard.  Perfect set-up for a bed and breakfast, if you ask me.

And don't even get me started on this tub.  I want it.  The bathroom looked like it could be on the movie Tombstone.

And this?  I adore.  It's the entry to the courtyard from the street.  Fancy.

We didn't stay long.  Just enough to see everything.  I didn't go upstairs, though.  I was scared I'd fall through the floor.

I kind of want to name it.

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