Saturday, January 5, 2013

The First Merry Little Christmas Tour

I'm sure most of you know, this Christmas season was Trent's first Christmas tour!  And so that means it was mine, too.  We settled on the name "Merry Little Christmas Tour" and started booking shows.  

We decorated our tiny cozy apartment right after Halloween (don't judge; we had to get in the spirit) and started working on the songs.

 (After we decorated I got my craft on)

The first show was in Trent's hometown of Amarillo, TX at Paramount Baptist Church.  All the family came and OF COURSE I didn't get a picture.  Arrrrg! Before the show, we did some press and promotions at Amarillo Globe News and Channel 4.

Sound check.  

Trent busted out a brand-spankin'-new outfit.  I documented.  

We got a new (huge) banner and a new t-shirt design.  I also put Christmas decor on the table, but you can't see it.  

After Amarillo, we headed to Arkansas for a week of shows...

FUMC Fort Smith

Ashley and Stephen Moad (worship pastors).  We got to talk about Arkansas State, which was super fun.  Turns out, Ashley and I were there at the same time!  And, I'll have you know, the four of us did not coordinate our clothes.  It just happened.  And I like it.

Rudy Baptist.  Oh, this church.  They warm our hearts every time we go.  Janis and Justin Martin:

Kibler Baptist.  We love these people!  There's something in the water, though. LOTS of babies.  I even got to hold one =)

Next was Hays Chapel UMC.  I have no pictures.  However, there were two older women that were at the Kibler show the night before and they drove an hour to Hays Chapel so their grandsons could see Trent.  These women were adorable.  I told them they were officially groupies.  They giggled, though I'm not 100% sure they got my joke.

We had a day off, then headed to Siloam Springs to Christian Life Church.  I had to take a picture of this room we were in (that was fully stocked with yummy snacks).  Because... Phil and Kay Robertson (that's right, the same Phil and Kay from Duck Dynasty) have sat in the very space we occupied.  I could feel their presence.  Not really, but it was still cool.

It was the first show I sang into a microphone!

Before we left Arkansas, we got to get our transmission worked on.  Oh joy.  After lots of car jargon was tossed around between Trent and the mechanics, it turned out to be not a big deal.  Thank God.  And thank you Wilcox Transmissions!

Back to Texas!  A little break before the next show.  We had lots of time with family (stay tuned for that) and even had a picnic.

Stillhouse Baptist, Belton, TX.  Small country church with big hearts.  They were so sweet!  They really got a kick out of my foot tambourine!

And the pastor came to the next show to give us a magnet.  And I LOVE magnets.  Like, for realz.  I do not adhere to the "no clutter on the fridge" philosophy.

And another couple came to the next show and gave us a Christmas CD.  The generosity and kindness of strangers is such an awesome reminder of God's love for us, isn't it?

The next show was at FBC Belton.  My whole family came out.  Which was both heart warming and rapid heart beat inducing!  They were front and center! And OF COURSE I got no pictures!!!  We totally needed some merch volunteers, but oh well.  During the show, Trent shared a little bit of our story with the congregation.  About the fact that without FBC, there would be no us.  Had Trent not met Matt and Stacie (10+ years ago in College Station, TX), who now live in Belton and go to FBC, where my sister and brother-in-law go, who invited me to go with them after I moved home, which got me connected with Stacie, who said Trent and I should meet, there would be no us.  Anyway, Trent told that story, which made me cry which made him cry, and made my mom cry.  It was a moment. (Whew!  That was wordy). 

My nephew, Noah, drew Trent some pictures.  Melt my heart...
"best singer ever, thanks for coming to sing, go Trent, Gloria"

After about a week off, we headed to FBC Troy.  Here's Whitlee Casey (great voice) and his girlfriend.  

We left that night and drove to Fort Worth for the last show of the tour (sniff, sniff) at Hulen Street Church.  Great people!  We will totally go back.  Here we are with Wes (pastor) and Aaron (worship pastor).  Trent and Aaron matched, hence my pointing.  Blue shirts, jeans, black converse.  I offered to go buy Trent a tie.  It made us giggle.  The congregation giggled, too, when Trent said, "I promise Aaron and I are NOT in a boy band." 

The first Christmas Tour was a new experience.  It was fun and rewarding and we look forward to next year and many more to come!  If you didn't get to see a show, here's the set list:

O Come All Ye Faithful
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
I Pray on Christmas
Beautiful You (original)
Into Orbit (original)
O Come Emmanuel
Heavy Load (original)
Joy to the World medley 
O Holy Night

Stay tuned for more Christmas/New Year's blogs!


  1. I heard Trent for the first time months ago and immediately loved his sound. Loved all of the pictures. :) And I, too, believe that a fridge should be covered in magnets and pictures. Power to the Clutter!
    Hopefully, you guys will make it a little further South (Brazoria County) and we can catch a show. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and here's to a beautiful New Year!

    1. Thanks!!! Power to the Clutter... I'm stealing that ;-)