Monday, October 28, 2013


And when I say Atlanta, I mean Covington.  But we had to go through Atlanta, which is my least favorite city to drive through because MY WORD the people and the traffic.  I'm full on white-knuckled the whole time.

Also, I took ZERO pictures this trip.   


We had a show in Covington at Eastridge Community Church on Friday night, so it was a quick trip.  Out Friday, back on Saturday.  I don't know what it is about that Nashville to Atlanta stretch of road, but it wears me out.  Of course, me growing a human could be part of that, but still.  Me so tired.

The show had a small crowd but it was cool because we knew pretty much all of them!  It was like a family get-together at a church.  So that made it completely not awkward when Trent whispered into the mic and asked if I needed to pee.  We even performed a brand new song (so brand new that it's not even complete).  

Opening line: "I grew up in a mobile house, I know all about hand to mouth, but you're never gonna hear me complain."

It's catchy, no?

Stay tuned for a video of it on our Kickstarter page =)

After all the catching up and hugging of necks and talking of babies and Breaking Bad, we headed to the Lynch's house.  They are such a precious family and we adore 'em.  We love that Oliver is going to have family all over the place!  Such a blessing.  

We talked and laughed and stuffed our faces with yummy chili then went to bed.  And the next morning we stuffed our faces with coffee, French toast, and bacon (amen) before hitting the road.

It was a fast, good-for-the-soul trip.  Filled with good conversation, good hearts, and good food.  We love what we get to do and there's not a day that goes by we don't thank the Lord.

Now, we're pretty much finished until March.  We have a few shows left, but for now, it's nesting central at the Monk's.

Nesting and writing.

Holy cow.  We're about to be parents.


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