Friday, December 27, 2013

Our 2013 Christmas

Well, hellllllooooooo!  It's been quite sometime since I last posted.  Mostly due to the fact that I grew a human in my belly and then delivered that human.  It's nice to be back and also nice to feel kind of human again myself.

I will be sharing Oliver's birth story soon, but first, I thought I'd tell you about our small, quaint Christmas!  

Our matching Christmas pajama pants since 2009.

Daddy giving little Oliver some Christmas morning kisses.

Yay for Grammie being in town!

Our tiny, apartment friendly tree.

I was Santa and Oliver was my elf.  

Posing with his first stocking!

Gift time...

My mom gave us some books and we cried.  

I gave Trent a card with his gift and he cried.

(Yes.  That's a bowl that keeps the cereal and milk separate for better crunch.)

Trent gave me the sweetest card and I cried.  He also broke the rules and spent more that our agreed upon amount.  He said it was because of the whole giving birth thing.  I love my plaid rain boots!

Grammie surprised us with a Keurig.  

I found this print on Etsy.  It's Texas and Tennessee with the words "Together Forever, Never Apart.  Maybe in Distance but Never at Heart."  Oliver gave it to her to hang in the new house.  He's so thoughtful =)

Ollie loved his Santa mug and books!

Our first Christmas as a family was wonderful.  We took our time, wanting to make the day last a little longer.  My mom made her egg casserole and hidden apple coffee cake.  They're as much a part of Christmas in my mind as stockings and gifts.  We played Christmas music and shared tears while watching Christmas stories and commercials that were on TV.  

It was a perfect day and a perfect first Christmas as a mommy and daddy.

We hope your Christmas was merry and bright and filled with joy.

Trent, Shellie and Oliver


  1. We have "On the Night You Were Born" too! Such a sweet book! Congrats on your first Christmas as a new family of three!

    1. It is!!! And congrats to you guys too =)