Friday, March 28, 2014

I've been everywhere, man…Part II

So, after our shows out west, we headed to Salado, TX to see family.  My parents moved there in the fall and it was our first time to see their new house.  It's adorable and the perfect size for them.  I will admit, it was weird not going to China Spring to the home I grew up in.  But it was the right move (literally) on my parents' part and I love the new place.

All the cousins got to hang out together and it was just about the most precious thing ever. 

Grammie wanted a picture of all of them, so there was a little photo shoot action.

Oliver met Nana.  He cried when she held him for the first time which made us feel bad.  Then he took a nap and all was good.

Nana with all the kids.

4 generations:

We literally just hung out all week.  It was the kids' spring break so lots of loving on O was happening.  

 Sweet Miss Elliot reading to Oliver.  (I love his feet here!)

We drove to Waco to see Nana again and Oliver was a perfect angel for her.  He even fell asleep in her lap which MADE HER DAY.  He's her 10th great grandchild.

And for a little Nana Funny, she gave a shirt to my mom.  It was a little low cut, so she told Julie to "go get that thing to put under it so you can't see her dinners."

Dinners.  My Nana calls breasts dinners.  To say we cracked up would be an understatement.

On the way back to Salado, Oliver got fussy.  He had just eaten, so it wasn't due to hunger.  So, Julie (super mom of 4) busted out her iPad and pulled up some Baby Einstein on YouTube.  Worked like a charm.  It appears our boy likes him some screens.  

We left Salado (with tears, of course) and went to Shreveport, LA to play at New Life Center.  We got to town with plenty of time to rest in the hotel.

We officially had to stop putting up the bassinet on the pack 'n' play.  He's over the weight limit…sad day =(

Our OliVolunteer.  (I just made that up.  I think I'll keep it.)  Renee is a nursing student and plans on going into Labor and Delivery.  She was awesome.  

The show was fantastic!  The students on campus with Go Ministries are some of the most enthusiastic, Christ-loving kids I've ever met.  Makes our job easy and more fun =)

We left the next day and drove to Denham Springs, LA.  The church has an apartment in the building and they let us stay there Friday and Saturday night.  I've decided every church needs an on site apartment.  I feel it's what Jesus would want.

Anyway, it had a full kitchen, so Trent cooked and we relaxed.  I'd like to say we journaled or got some work done or something respectable like that, but we got caught up on the train wreck that is The Bachelor.  I kept telling myself, "it's okay" to make me feel better.

(If you didn't get that reference consider yourself lucky because that means you didn't watch Jaun Pablo.)

Saturday we walked to some local antique shops and it reaffirmed the fact that I need a church pew in my life.  And a rusty metal cart.  We also found a consignment store for kids' clothing and found some great stuff for cheap!  

We hung out before the show and O was admiring my new necklace ;-)

He also was a little doll for sound check!

We left early Sunday morning and made the trip back to Nashville.  We got in at a good hour, went to the grocery store, and started the unpacking process, which happens to still be going on.  

Oh, how priorities change when you have a little one...

And this cracks me up.  Pit stop on the drive?  Let me strike a pose...

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