Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rocky Top

*There seems to be something wrong with my phone's camera.  All my pictures  are foggy.*

*Like anyone would be upset that I don't have clear pictures.*

*But still, I felt the need to explain.*


We hardly ever (and I've never ever) have shows in the actual state in which we live.  Strange, but true.  Within the last week and a half, we were able to stay close to home and share music in Lebanon and Dayton, TN.

It was great to be close, but a little strange.  We're so used to the rhythm of the road and not having that rhythm was different.  I mean, when we got dressed, we got clothes out of our closet and not our suitcase.  Weird.

Anyway, our friends, Chris and Caleb, lead worship for the youth on Wednesdays at Immanuel Baptist in Lebanon.  They were on the road and asked us to fill in.

Wasn't it nice of them to put up an 'M' just for us?  J/k.  It eventually said 'Illuminate.'

O had lots of room to roam while Trent got set up.  I'm sure the gym floor was clean enough =)

And I'm sorry, but when did he get so big?!?

Before the service, after the delicious church dinner, we got away and let the boy play.  He loves to bang on things.  Loudly.
 We had a great time and I'm glad to say the youth were very respectful and attentive.  I'm also glad to say Oliver did great in the nursery.  Except, I think that's where he picked up the virus he's currently fighting.  Part of it, right?

The following Sunday, we drove to Dayton to play at First Baptist Church.  I got no other pictures than these pretty ones.  The drive was beautiful.  Rainy and with a sick baby, but beautiful.

The church was having a night where everyone gathers to sing hymns.  Then we closed the night with a concert.  Everyone loved it!  It's always nice to be able to find common ground with a mostly older crowd, through music.  Oliver was kept in the nursery by a sweet lady.  By the time I got to him, he was not happy.  He did not feel good and was tired and we could not get home soon enough.

He slept pretty much the whole way.  Then we checked his temperature when we got home and it was 103.7 and I FREAKED out and was ready to go to the ER but then my calm husband who balances me (praise the Lord), said "let's see if we can lower it first." We gave him Motrin and I took a bath with him and it came down a little bit and then I was able to breathe again.

So that's that!  It was nice to be close and an even bigger blessing to be able to take Oliver to his doctor and keep him home to get better.  I pray he never gets sick while we're on the road.

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