Friday, September 26, 2014

Oliver is 9 months!!!

Dear Oliver,

You are a little over 9 months old and we are in shock that it's gone by so quickly.  Wasn't it just yesterday we met you for the first time?  Each month brings more and more milestones and we are incredibly thankful we both get to experience them as they happen.  

You had your well baby visit yesterday and had to get 4 shots AND blood drawn to check your iron levels!  You screamed and cried, but were easily calmed with us and a quick nursing sesh.  Your iron levels look good, by the way.  Here are your stats:

30 inches (98th percentile)
20 lbs 10 1/2 oz (65th percentile)

You are our long and lean machine!

Crawling is still your method of mobility and you are really quick.  Now, you even like to crawl while holding something.  You've also started to pick up a foot while doing so.  It looks like you're trying to stand up.  You have started to stand by yourself for a few seconds at a time.  We clap for you and act like fools when you do.

When we go to the grocery store, all the workers love you.  I guess since they saw you grow in my belly and now before their eyes, they feel like they know you.  It's pretty adorable.  We call you the Publix Mascot.  You have mastered picking up Cheerios and Gerber puffs as well as bites of banana and yogurt bites.  Sometimes you head butt me.  Luckily, it doesn't hurt; it's funny.

I've mentioned before that you stop what you're doing and listen to certain commercials.  This song for an Alzheimer's commercial is a favorite.  We think you also sing in the car with us.  It's babbling but definitely more singsongy. You like Norah Jones, Twin Forks, Nickel Creek and the CDs Aunt Rachel sent.   We're practicing waving and we think you're getting close.  You've kind of waved a couple times and you light up when we wave to you, so it's only a matter of time. 

You are obsessed with Daddy's amp.  (And his guitar, but we don't let you play with that.  It's quite fragile.)  We've pretty much baby proofed the apartment so you can crawl everywhere.  We close the bathroom and bedroom door and have pillows everywhere else and it seems to work.

It ain't pretty, but it does the job.  

When we tell you "No," you stop and look at us and we remove you from the situation or distract you with another toy, so maybe you're learning what it means.  When we pick you up, especially after a nap or in the morning when you wake up, you pat us.  It pretty much melts our hearts.  You also laugh and smile real big when your daddy and I kiss.  

You are constantly on the move, hardly EVER sitting still.  You love phones and remotes, water bottles and bags…straps and zippers are so fun!  Grabbing your spoon while you eat is a new thing that sometimes gets food everywhere.  Now I just give you one to hold to make you feel like you're doing something real special! 

You've started to copy some things we do.  One day, Daddy had his phone to his year listening and you put your remote up to yours.  So cute!  While we won't know which hand will be your dominant one, you definitely favor your left.  Every now and then, you'll dance a little when you hear a song.  Just wait 'til I teach you some fancy moves, Mister.   

You had your first bad cold this month which included your first doctor visits that weren't just check-ups.  Then that cold turned into your first ear infection.  You were a champ, though, and we soaked up the extra cuddles. 

At one time, I took away pacifiers during naps and bedtime.  I then came to my mommy senses and let you have them.  We keep some in the crib and it's HILARIOUS to watch you change them out.  You even play with your wubbanub, too.  (As well as untying the bumper and reaching your hand through the crib to play with the laundry basket.)

You officially kicked us out of the bedroom so now we sleep in the living room.  It's for the best; you are sleeping better.  Naps are longer and some nights you only get up once or twice.  There are still nights where you get up more and there are adjustments we have to make on the road, but for the most part, you're doing great.  Putting you down is a breeze now (at home, anyway).  We do books (which you are really loving) and turn on the fan and you know it's time.  Sometimes you even reach for your bed without needing cuddles.  I'm glad to say that the majority of the time, I still get to rock you a bit as we sing our songs.

The funniest thing, I think, is how you occasionally knock on the wall by your crib and then look at the door to see if we come.  The first time we saw you do this on the monitor we laughed so hard!  We don't go in, by the way, but nice try and you really are precious.

When you're asleep at night, we talk about you and look at pictures and sometimes get emotional.  This whole parenthood thing is the hardest, most rewarding thing your daddy and I have every done.  Your heart is sweet, we can tell, and your personality is going to be one people talk about…in a good way.  We pray for you and with you daily and can't wait to see what you become.  You will be a world changer.

Just don't get in a hurry, ok?

We love you, love you, love you tons!!!


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