Friday, September 5, 2014

Missouri Loves Company

A few weeks ago, we drove to Missouri for some shows and had a fabulous time.

 Our first stop was Monett.  We've been there several times and love going back.  Plus, it's a major win, when the framily (yes, friends and family) you're staying with have a granddaughter.  Because TOYS!

We led worship during the Sunday service at Ozark Christian Church.  As I've mentioned before, Sundays are tricky with Oliver.  Figuring out when to nurse and nap (wherever, whenever) and being flexible with it, is part of it.

Of course, everyone was so kind.  We also met a little girl who's 4 days older than O.  She's tiny and he's huge.  I really wish I would've gotten a picture.  

We had a mid-week show fall through, so instead of driving home, just to drive back to Missouri the next weekend, our framily let us stay at their lake house.  We were (and are) grateful.

I know.  Right?  Amazing.  It was a week of blessed relaxation.  We unplugged and chilled.

  And grilled.

And walked to the lake.

And ate outside.

And got in the lake.

 Oliver wasn't a fan.  He loves baths and pools but the lake was a little scary for him.  It was so sad.

He did enjoy helping Trent write while I booked shows.  Haha!

We left Monett and drove to Blue Springs to perform at First Baptist Church.  This is the church that has an apartment in the building.  It's the church that first made us realize that every church should have an apartment in the building.  (We'll start a petition for you to sign.)  They were incredibly generous and let us stay 3 nights.  Huge blessing.

We got there and Trent immediately began the process of making Oliver a room.  We bought some clothes pins and he was like MacGyver.  Or should I say MonkGyver?    

Room to roam!

And while O slept, we watched Netflix with headphones.

We were able to actually go to the church service on Sunday morning.  It was awesome to wake up, get dressed, and literally walk down the hall to the sanctuary!  

After church, we napped then walked down the hall again to sound check, which sometimes looks like this now.  

The concert was that night and we had a great time.  Such nice folks.

Oliver did great in the nursery and they shared this picture with us.  Makes my mama heart happy.

Sweet Brittney offered to hold O while we packed up!

 And these girls get a picture every time we come through.  Fun!

We left Desloge and drove to Rolla to play at Missouri S & T.

Again, with the classy blanket wall.  

We loved performing in Leach Theatre.  It was beautiful!

A little pre-show multitasking =)

We had so much fun!  

A sweet Nana watched Oliver in the green room and I wish I could say it was smooth sailing.  It was not.  He's definitely had worse days, but it wasn't his best.  Bless it.  I cannot stress enough what a trooper he is.

And he zonked out on the way home.  With an empty water bottle.

The boy is obsessed.

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