Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Quick Trip to Mississip

Tuesday of this week, we played at Itawamba Community College Wesley Foundation.  It's only 3 1/2 ish hours away (in Fulton, MS), so we were able to leave that day, spend the night, and then come on home.

*O has officially reached the point of snacking in the car*

One would think packing for one night is easier than packing for a month.  Wrong.  For us, it is way easier to pack up for longer stretches, simply because that's what we know.  That road rhythm I've mentioned before is all out of whack when we're gone for a day.

For example, this trip, Trent forgot his belt, I forgot Oliver's eating utensils and his sheet for the pack 'n' play.  Nothing major, but just enough to mess us up.  
Luckily, Trent found a cheap belt at Fred's Pharmacy (insert laughing emoji here), Oliver can eat with his fingers and a plastic spoon, and the hotel had a sheet.  

We got to the hotel early and I was so glad.  That way, Oliver could take a nap and so could we.  Wrong.  When our boy gets to a knew place (especially hotels) he gets jazzed and he is ready to paaaaarrrrty.  So, we left for the show a little earlier so he could nap in the car and Trent could get that fancy new belt and Fred's.

We had a blast playing for the students.  They were polite, sweet, complimentary, and hilarious.  My favorite traits =).  Also, Oliver sat in his stroller, up front, for the whole show.  He would wave his hands, bounce his legs, and "sing," too.  Hilarious and precious and it seems we are in a new phase.  (Yay for no screaming.)  

When the director, John, emailed and asked us to come, we were so glad it worked out.  Fulton, MS has a special place in our hearts because the hotel where we stay, is where we found out we were pregnant.  (Maybe we should've gone with Oliver Tuck Fulton Monk?)  Anyway, we always document our trips there.

April 16, 2013 

September (maybe October?) 2013

September 30, 2014 (John's son joined us!)

After the show, we grabbed a quick snack and drove back to the hotel.  Oliver went down with no fuss and slept great.  We got up, ate breakfast, and hit the road.  

The End.  

Now we have a couple weeks off and I'm really hoping for fall weather to happen.

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