Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oliver is 10 months!!!

Dear Oliver,

My, oh my.  This month was a BIG one.  You have changed so much!!!  Lots of growing going on…

This month started with your first trip to the ER.  You were wheezing with labored breathing and we were told to go.  So we did.  It was very sad and you cried/screamed/bucked like a bronco during the breathing treatment.  Broke our hearts but thankfully, it wasn't anything serious and you are a BRAVE boy.

You are eating very well!  You're not picky, eating pretty much anything we give you, and we hope you stay that way.  You like to eat outside when it's nice and really like to pick up your food.  You are very independent.  Bananas, cheerios, cheese, black beans, peas…you like it all!  You've even tried steak, pizza, and rib meet.  You like those, too.  You'll even grab the spoon and feed yourself sometimes!  Such a big boy.

We have the apartment super duper baby proofed and now have a gate.  A gate that you love to pull up on and throw balls over.  You can play peekaboo by yourself, putting a blanket or towel over your face then pulling it away.  So cute!!!

You sometimes reach through your crib and grab clothes out of the hamper and pull them into your crib.  One time I came to get you after your nap and one of my socks was in there!  You little stinker.  Now, I move the hamper for nap time.

You can copy us a little now!  You love balls and usually have one in each hand.  You can throw them (and fetch, ha!) and you really like to bang stuff together.

You let Daddy cuddle you for a little bit in the morning while I make coffee.  But then, you are off to the races.  All. Day. Long.

You went to a pumpkin patch for the first time and adored it.  You've started waving a little and walking sideways while holding onto furniture.  We can't believe it!

You're very distracted while you nurse, so I have to stay away from noise/TV/Daddy.  You went through a phase where you'd high-five me repeatedly while nursing.  It was hilarious.

You yell with joy while I vacuum, which is waaaaay better than crying, so thank you!  You don't cuddle much at all, so when you let me, I soak it up.

You've done the sign for "more" a couple times and it usually is accompanied with a grunt.  Like, "fine woman.  I'll do it, but you better feed me."

You have your top two teeth and another bottom one coming it!  That might explain the sleepless nights for us.  But as I type this, you've had 3 good nights in a row and we're hoping it stays that way!  If I have to change your diaper in the night, you scream.  I don't know what's going on with that, but I know you won't always do that.

(This was during a 6 hour traffic jam.  Poor baby.)

You laugh at some of the strangest commercials.  A lawyer commercial, one with a giant stuffed mouse, and some car salesmen.  There's also an annoying furniture commercial that you are quite fond of but we do not like.  You also think it's funny when we repeat the GPS lady.  Such a funny little boy.

Oliver, you are the hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever done.  I had always heard that prior to being a mama and now I truly know what it means.  You are our world and we love you the most!

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  1. oh my heart hurt for you at the 6 hour traffic jam. He's growing fast, seems like a trooper on the road. I can imagine someday him using his roadbaby story as his bio as a musician. He's got everyone beat. lol.