Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Salado Christmas

The day after Oliver's party, we had my family Christmas in Salado.  I absolutely love my parents' new house and it makes complete sense that they moved BUT I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the house I grew up in.  Especially during Christmas.

Also, back to back days of lots of people and food and presents?  System overload and not recommended unless you are crazy or a glutton for punishment.

I'm exaggerating, of course, but it was a lot.

Nana was able to come to Oliver's birthday and our Christmas.  She gets around so well for a 96 year old.  I helped her get ready for bed that night and it was a sweet and kind of sad moment.  A role reversal, if you will.  I will say, she did not forget to pack her hair net, bobby pins, night cap, and hairspray.  God love her.


My parents are attempting to brainwash Oliver into Baylor fandom.  

And who knew a spatula and ornament could be so fun?

Oh, Elliot.  Her sass and spunk is contagious.

All the kiddos.

Pajamas were mandatory!

Babies 'R' Us had these baby gates (or whatever they're called) 50% off.  So, we got one and praise Jesus.  So handy and the kids just took turns playing in there!  

Griffin has the best reactions to presents.

Our gamer Noah has gotten into football, so we got him a Green Bay shirt.

Oliver opening…and then playing with the paper.

Noah picked this out.  Adorable.  And again, the Baylor brainwashing.


Julie in Griffin's creepy Anakin mask.  Ha!

Trent and I made Paads a shelfly thingy.  Well, it was my idea and Trent made it happen.  

I finally got a bacon press!!!

Here's a better picture of Paads' present.  Old, wooden club heads into a piece of wood to hang your what-nots on.  Plus a sentimental plate on top.  

We had to leave sooner than we'd have liked to head to Forth Worth, but it was a wonderful morning of family, food, and chaos.  

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