Friday, February 6, 2015

Better late than never // Christmas 2015

After our Salado Christmas and after our last Christmas show, we headed to Amarillo to spend the rest of the holiday season with the Monks.  Can I just say…Amarillo is cold and oh so windy.  I don't like wind.  Especially if dirt is involved which, in Amarillo, it is.  But, I have come to appreciate the beauty the Texas panhandle has to offer.  Sunsets in that flat land are something to behold.

We got to town and GiGi and PawPaw had dinner ready for us and a fancy new high chair (and other goodies) for Mister.  Aren't grandparents the best?!?

Also, that white shirt had to be bleached. 

Oliver got to meet Aunt Debra.  I just love her.  Can't wait to go to DC and let her guide us around.  

He also got to try on a fabulous visor with a wig.  I mean...

Obsessed with the balls.

Oliver loves all the Monk animals but they, being old and set in their childless ways, aren't that impressed with him.  They humor him for a bit, though.  Meet Harley, The Man Cat.

Trent's family does their celebrating on Christmas Eve, so the grandparents were cooking all day (stuffed peppers and sausage balls are a MUST in the Monk house.) and then we opened gifts and played 10,000 (it's a dice game and another Monk staple.)  I have no idea why I documented the evening so terribly.  But, here you go…

Uncle Travis and Aunt Amy got him a cute Harley outfit!  (Pics of it when it fits!)

We put him down before we opened gifts so the other guests (and us) could enjoy opening without chasing a toddler who gets into everything.   

My Christmas bling ;-)

Sporting the new slippers Julie got me.  Also, socks.  

Setting out stocking stuffers!  Trent had to get him the Cowboys football.

This will be Oliver's guitar when he's bigger.  GiGi and PawPaw won it in a silent auction and called it his.  

Some of GiGi's family came in for the night and brought their bird, Pearl.  She was so cute and made me contemplate owning a bird one day.  That lasted about a minute.  Then I found out they live for 70+ years and you have to will them to family.  So we'll just have dogs.

Christmas morning, Oliver and I were the first up and the sunrise was breathtaking.  This very fancy phone picture really doesn't do it justice.  
Mama Pat and Papa Tuck came in and got to love on Oliver.  

Then it was Oliver's turn for gifts.  In true toddler/baby fashion, he was interested in boxes and ornaments.  It was still sweet, nonetheless, and he even took a few steps.

New clothes!!!

No idea...

Oliver got them an ornament ;-)

And GiGi gave me a leather jacket with a collar that is everything.  Can't wait to wear it!  Doesn't really go with my yoga pant uniform these days.  Or does it?

We had a great Christmas and loved our time there!

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