Friday, February 20, 2015

Our January in words. And pictures.

It's currently 5:40 in the frozen tundra that is Nashville.  Why am I up?  Because Mister Man woke up screaming at 4:45.  Normally, I'd let him figure it out.  But this was an "I need you" scream.  So I got up and walked up to his room.  There he was, standing and looking at his beloved blanket that out found its way out of the crib and onto the floor.  Or it was thrown.  Who knows.  

I picked him up and tried to console him.  By the way, he doesn't console easily.  It's the boob or nothing.  And we're weaning so it's like what am I supposed to do???  I decided to nurse him and come to terms with the fact that my day has just started and to get over it.  But then, after he was finished, I rocked him and hummed a tune.  He softened and fell back to sleep.  Thank the Lord.

But them I'm all awake and thinking of all the wonderful things I could do like drink a cup of coffee (from start to finish while it's warm) and get a blog written so here I am!

{{ Hello }} 

After Christmas and New Years, we came home and stayed close to Nashville in January.  Such a blessing to wake up and leave from home.  We got back to town on Jan. 3rd and woke up on Jan. 4th to drive to Columbia, TN.  We played a full set that morning with the fine folks at New Life Church.  Great people!  

The pastor warned us that the flu was going around the church and how he keeps antibacterial hand stuff in his pocket.  Greeeaaaaat.  That freaked me out, but I put on my big-girl-mama-pants and put O in the nursery anyway.  We all survived.

Also, the worship pastor has been around Nashville for a long time and still writes and produces demos and whatnot.  I knew the congregation would get into our music when the worship team started the day with this:  

Um.  Yes, please and thank you.  That place was rocking.  

The next Sunday we had off which proved to be a blessing because this little boy woke up puking.


I mean, I have never.  So sad, so helpless.  It was our first bout of that yuk and we made it.  

(And it ended up being some training for a couple weeks later when he was throwing up again except worse which ended up getting Dada sick.) 

(And I bought a giant bottle of Lysol.)

The next weekend, we drove down the road to Jackson, TN to share music at Evangelical Community Church.

We haven't replaced the Trent Monk banner with a We are the Monks banner but make no mistake, my hubs figured out a new use for the stand.   MonkGyver.  =) 

Also, "And I'll be waitin' in Jackson, behind my big box fan…"

We got to the church to sound check and were early and didn't see another car in the parking lot.  Time was filled with driving practice. 

Juuuuust kidding.  He was just holding the wheel.  He's obsessed.

Anyway, we kept waiting and waiting and waiting.  Our sound check window was getting smaller and smaller.  Turns out, the sound guy was there the whole time.  So the morning was off to a smashing start. #sarcasm

Everyone was super nice and we even met Drew Holcomb's aunt.  And Oliver had a blast in the nursery!!!  He played so hard he slept all the way home.

The last weekend in January was spent with the AMAZING people at FUMC Lebanon.  We were originally supposed to do a Sunday AM concert but, due to other stuff happening in the church, we just sang two songs in each service.  It worked out great, though!  Now people have heard us (and they liked it) and we'll do a full show in April.  April 12th, if you're in the area =)

So that was our January!  It, like time in general, flew by.  Also, I'm just now getting a chance to finish.  It's 3:00.  Toddlers, man.  They busy.

Now, I'll leave you with this little photo.  I really should try to return those hotel keys that I forget about.  Oops.  #roadprobz

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