Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 5

Disney World // 1986?

(Look at our clothes and hair!!!)

Growing up, we rarely went on vacations.  We'd go to San Antonio and South Padre and Six Flags and Ranger Games.  But one year, my parents took us to Disney World and even though I was young, I remember it pretty well.

I absolutely loved Epcot Center, meeting the princesses, and getting souvenirs.  I wasn't a big fan of roller coasters then, but I went ahead and road Space Mountain.  And I cried.

I remember eating Corn Flakes with whole milk (we pretty much drank skim) and I thought it tasted like ice cream.  I remember holding my mom's hand for what seemed like the whole time we were there.  I'd say, "tighter, tighter!"  So she'd squeeze my hand until I'd say, "not that tight!"  All. Day. Long.  Bless her.

It's such a magical place and I hope to go back one day with our little one(s).  

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