Thursday, June 18, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños to us!

Trent and I kind of share birthdays.  He's May 7th, I'm May 6th.  It's fun to celebrate together and have birthdays right on the heels of Cinco de Mayo =)

We had planned to go on a trip for this year's celebration because it was Trent's 40th and my 35th and Oliver was weaned.  It was our first time to leave him and it was sad and awesome and relaxing all in one.  Big thanks to my sister, Julie, for keeping him!

We headed to Austin (just an hour from where our boy was) and the first stop was Rudy's.  Yum!

Trent's parents, brother, and sister-in-law were kind enough to fly out to join us!  We chose The Oasis on Lake Travis for our first lunch.  It was before all the flooding and the lake was super low.  

It had changed big time since the last time I was there, which was at State Golf my senior year…1998, ahem.

And this map cracked me up.

Later that night, we got dinner at a fancy Italian place and I forget the name.  Then we found some live music and got SOAKING wet.  Probably why there are no pictures.

My birthday started with room service and glorious hot coffee that I got to drink while still hot.  Luxury, man.

Then some pool time.  It didn't last long because of clouds and wind.

For lunch, we went to The Broken Spoke which was so neat!  We had never been before but Trent's parents were there to ring in the year 2000.  When they were there, it was out in the country and now it looks kind of out of place in the hustling and bustling city.

And our poor waitress was a good sport.  This is a very beer and meat and potatoes kind of place. 

I said, "I think I know the answer, but do y'all have mimosas?"  She laughed and said, "no.  But I can put some Sprite in some white wine for ya."  Haha!!!

Then our sister-in-law, Amy, asked, "Do y'all have any oil and vinegar?"  The waitress laughed and said, "we're a very cream-based establishment."  

His head literally could touch the ceiling.  

While the dance floor is obviously historic and whatnot, I think I'll pass because no windows and low ceilings make me want to scream and pull on my shirt collar.

We drove around and then went to Frank to try a fancy hotdog.

This crew had the good lighting.

And basically, I want this as a print or on a shirt.

I chose one of my faves for dinner.  Moonshine.  Yum!

Free birthday swag ;-)

Then we went to 6th street and found some blues (our favorite) and from a Hawaiian guy!  Seriously…he was amaze.

Trent's birthday started with a less than great breakfast burrito.  "Happy 40th, dear.  Here's a lukewarm, soggy burrito from downstairs."  It was fine, though, because we were about to chow down at The Salt Lick...

Then more downtown!

Trent chose sushi and Ginny brought table decorations!!!  Adorable.

And this makes me laugh so hard.

We slept in, ate in peace, didn't have to toddler-proof a hotel room, but 3 days gone was enough.  We missed our sweet boy so much!  

Once we got to him, and he saw our face, he smiled real big.  Then began to cry and freak out and hug us.  It was like he had just figured out we were gone.  So sad and cute.

Wonder what we'll do for 41 and 36?  Here's to a great year!

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