Friday, June 19, 2015

Oliver is 18 months!

Dear Oliver,

I just couldn't wait until you were 2 because so much has happened in the last 6 months.  You are growing, learning, and developing quite the personality.  We are having SO MUCH FUN.  Yes, you are exhausting, but worth it!

Since you turned the big ONE, you've been on your first flight, survived your first change of address, learned words, started walking, which has turned into a slight jog.  It seems you need to get there and get there fast.  You know what the remote is and what it does and even point it at the TV or just give it to us.  Oops.  We don't always let you watch TV and that can lead to some meltdowns, but you get over it.

You've had several bouts with vomiting and it is the saddest thing.  One time, you were really sick; it lasted almost 5 days and included diarrhea.  You love cold water and cold milk.  You're a good eater, only having a handful of "toddler" moments.  You haven't had juice yet (you eat A LOT of fruit).   You try to feed your toys and stuffed animals, giving them drinks and bites of goldfish.  Adorable. 

We haven't cut your hair again because it's getting curls in the back and I just can't bring myself to take you!  We'll say…maybe it'll get so hot this summer, I'll have no choice.  Until then, #savethehair.

You love animals, kids, babies, and other people.  And it seems you share well!  When we say "give me a kiss," you lean your forehead to us.  Haha!  You're pretty much addicted to your paci(s).  We foresee issues when we take it away, but maybe you'll surprise us.  I'm not really worried about it.   Also, you don't like getting your teeth brushed.   

You love books and know when they're upside down.  You know signs for more, please, all done, baby, ball, hot, and Jesus.  It's fascinating!   Your vocabulary is growing.  Not many words sound how they are meant to sound, but it's the cutest.  Ball, guitar, mama/mommy, daddy, ear (eeh), eye, ice,  Thomas (tatee), amen, dip, beep beep, baby, choochoo, 1-2-3 (te, te, te), uh-oh made a mess (uh-oh ma meh), moo, and just recently turtle!  

While you can't say all the words, you know much more:  cat, dog, cow, paci, and many more.  You can even follow simple commands!  "Go put your paci up," "Throw that in the trash," "Get your blanket," "Time to eat."  Sometimes, instructions make you upset.  Tears and fusses.  But, we make you do it.  Giving us the paci and cleaning up toys at night seem to result in the most tears.  Don't worry, sweet one.  We're laying important groundwork for ya!    

A few days ago, you had your first time-out.  It was fine.  Probably harder on me, but you did well.  Sat there for about a minute, cried, then all was ok.  When we do have to discipline you, all it takes is a louder tone and you get sad and give us a hug.  You have a loving sensitive heart and we are so thankful.  

You do well in nurseries and light up when you see new toys and new faces.  And when we come to get you, you run around like a crazy person showing us all the things.  You're still into playing with balls, but are now loving cars, trains, and all things transportation.  Lining them up is your favorite and if they get out of line?  Watch out.  It upsets you.  You adore music and you've got some rhythm.  You love to climb and seem to have no fear…except with swings.  Not a fan of those.  

You're a pretty good sleeper and napper, although you usually get up early!  You love to wave at the planes that fly over our house and you say "bye-bye!" You know your body parts and ours, too.  You are such a smart boy, soaking up everything.  Recently we left you overnight for the first time (for 3 nights) and we wondered what we ever did without you. 

You complete us, make us better people, make us laugh and cry and worry.  You are a special little boy, Oliver.  We love you more than you could possibly know.  

Now for the pictures =)

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