Monday, June 1, 2015

It's June, so I should blog about May

May was a big month filled with shows, family time, and birthdays, so I'm just now getting around to telling y'all about it.  

After we played in Arkansas at the end of April, we drove to Amarillo to see Trent's family.  I don't know what the deal was, but I got like no pictures.  Except this one.  Probably because our sweet boy did NOT sleep well, was super fussy, and also threw up.  That pretty much filled up our week. 

Thank the Lord for Thomas.  And his friends.

After A-town, we went to Salado.  It's always nice to get into town and have the whole family come to my parents' house to gather and have dinner.  And also act like fools.

Julie and I played golf with Caleb and it was SO CUTE how he thought he could beat us.  Bless him.  (Although, Julie and I did play very well, he had some tough holes, and still hung with us.  He'll beat us before too long.)

Later that day, we had an early b-day for Trent and me and also a Derby party.  Which is funny because our family is not a horse family.  But, it's a quick race and we all picked horses and wore hats for a bit.

Sweet Nana, 96 years young.  Taking in the selfie.    

  The oldest and the youngest...

That drool though...

The next day (Sunday, for those keeping up at home), we had a home show at our friends' house in their barn.  

They had it decorated so cute!  

And their niece has mad chalk skills.

This one really wanted to take this thing for a spin.  He'd push our hands away if we tried to help him, you know, not fall.  Stinker.  

Julie and Nathan wrangled the boy.  He sat and listened for a little while before running around, pointing and grunting at things. ;-)

The rest of the time was spent with these goobers.  Man, they have grown.  They kept Oliver while Trent and I went on a birthday trip.  (Another post for another day.)  God bless them.  

Griffin wasn't into it.

He likes to perform...

We had one more show, on Mother's Day, at FBC Conroe.  We were there last year and were blessed to be able to go back.  Amazing people!  Unfortunately, there had been some "stuff" happening there that was causing some stress and some feelings.  We were told we were a breath of fresh air and we were glad to offer any kind of encouragement we could.

Tom and Jessie… love 'em.  And it only took us two tries to nail it.

Oliver was so sweet to think of me on Mother's Day and make this craft.  

Yes, the chocolate was eaten.  Yes, I'm keeping this art piece. And yes, that picture of him is hilarious. 

More May Days to come!   Stay tuned.

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