Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The rest of September...

Now you all know why I've slacked on the blogs... I'm growing a human and she makes me very tired.  But, I'm trying here.

After South Dakota, we had stops in Missouri and Oklahoma, slowly making our way down to Texas.

First was Springfield, MO.  We stayed a couple days there and killed time by walking around the mall.  Oliver loves the strollers you can rent.  (And so do I after I give them a little wipe down because ewww.)  

Our show was at Life Fellowship Church.  We hadn't been back since I was pregnant with Oliver, so it was wonderful to see old friends and get caught up!

One of my friends (who lives in England!!!) told her cousin to come out and she did!  

After Springfield, we made our way South.  Some amazing friends let us use their lake house and it is absolutely beautiful.  We just relaxed and watched old movies.  Incredibly thankful for them.

We did lose a flip flop in Walmart while getting groceries.  Luckily, a nice man saw us frantically going down each isle and he brought it to us!

The house has an old piano and Oliver was a fan.

The following Sunday, we played in Pryor, OK at Church of the Nazarene.  Again -- another church we hadn't been to since Oliver was cooking in my belly.   Fun times =)

We left right after church and drove the 7 or so hours to Salado to see my family and share some BIG news!

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