Tuesday, November 24, 2015

September Part II...

After Missouri and Oklahoma, we drove down to Salado, TX to see my family.  It was super fun because we got to share the news of Baby Monk #2 with them!  We didn't have any shows during the week, so it was filled with down time and play time...

Sweet Elliot.

I love that Griffin still lives in costume!

When you're homeschooled, you get to come over to play during Oliver's nap.  

We went to Waco to see Nana and got to have lunch with my dear friend, Tammy.  Sweet times but never long enough!

And I tagged along for the after school pick up routine.

We got to see Caleb play an amazing football game and that's when I figured out I'm a crazy person when someone I love is competing.  Oops.

At the end of the week, we headed to Pasadena then Montgomery for shows.  Oliver had a little cold, so we left him behind and went by ourselves.  It was weird and enjoyable =)

Thanks to Grammie, Paads, and Elliot for helping!

Our next stop was Amarillo!!!  Which is where we we are right now.  So inception.

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