Saturday, July 16, 2016

Amelia is 3 months!!!

Dear Amelia...

What a month! You are growing so fast and changing before our eyes and it's bittersweet.  People can't believe you're only 3 months.

This month you started standing, with our help of course. You have such strong legs and you love to straighten them and kick them!

You started grabbing things, kind of. You grab your blanket and like to snuggle it, chew on it, and rub it on your face. We've even started putting toys in your hands and Oliver thinks it's so neat. You also grab my shirt while your nurse. So sweet.

You still eat a lot and every night is different. Sometimes you sleep 4-5 hours and sometimes you're up eating every two hours. But, something I've learned in my few years of mothering: don't let sleep be your God. And so, I soak up those moments with you.

This month brought your first Independence Day!  

You are starting to laugh when we say "boo" and tickle you and it's adorable. Also, you've started rolling onto your side! What?!?! So soon? So, your arms are officially out of the swaddle.

You like to bury your face to sleep when I'm holding you or wearing you. Freaks me out, but I move your face often.  You also like to blow spit bubbles and the drool is starting. Bibs it is!!

You love chewing on your hands and fingers.  Sometime to the point of gagging, so that's fun.  Still no paci, though.  I keep trying never know!

This month you had your first pool experience in Salado, you went to your first nursery in Oklahoma, and your first taste of the road life. And, on your 3 month b-day, we went to the beach!

You officially hit the road this month and that brings me to your states: AR, OK, MO, TX, GA, FL. Six states in one month. You'll catch up to big brother in no time.  You're handling the road very well.  Sometimes you get fussy in the car, but you're calmed with looking at a toy or having the window rolled down.

The road has brought with it your first times away from mama.  There have been some tears (from you and me both), but we're surviving!  Your first road trip deserves its own post, by the way because MY WORD.

You're getting stronger and stronger at tummy time!  Oliver thinks it's pretty cool...

You met more family this month and I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of all of them!  I can tell you this, though:  they're as smitten as we are.

We cannot express how much we adore you, Amelia.  We love you so big, sweet girl! Life has never been sweeter. Kisses and hugs.

May the stars always align for you...

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