Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blowouts, Dog Poop, and 9-1-1

Those of you with more than one child know this already, but traveling with more than one is, how do you say, CRAZY.  And hey!  Guess what!  Traveling is what we do, so to say I was a little nervous about how it would all go down is an understatement.

First of all, we started packing the day before, which is normal, but MY WORD the stuff.  Just watch.


Baby girl also had her 2 month shots that day, so she slept a lot.  But, luckily, she wasn't any more fussy than normal.

The day we left, it all started with a blowout.  Not tire, infant diaper.  So, we had an outfit change before the day even started.  We finally hit the road (only about 20 minutes behind schedule -- not too bad!) and made our way to Arkansas.  We drove about 1 1/2 hours before needing to stop for food/fuel.  

I was nursing in the front seat while the boys stretched.  And this was just before Oliver stepped in dog poop.  Good times.    

PSA.  People with dogs at truck stops, gas stations, and rest stops:  PICK UP THE POOP.  Thank you.

Diaper changing while standing up.  Keeping it classy.

All smiles.  For the most part.

New use for the boppy.  Haha!

Somewhere on I-40, I saw a brush fire on the side of the road.  I called 9-1-1 to report it.  I was all nervous, as it was my first 911 phone call.  The lady answered, "are you calling to report the brush fire on I-40 at mile marker 34?"  Yes I was.  So were others, apparently. 

Pit stops usually go like this:
- Trent goes in to use the potty while I nurse
- Trent comes out to get Oliver
- They either play, stretch, or go get lunch
- They come back out and by that time I'm usually finished
- Diaper changes
- My turn to go potty
- Repeat every 2 hours or so

We were scheduled to lead worship at Heritage UMC in Van Buren, AR and so we got to town on Saturday evening.  The plan was to set up and sound check then, to make the Sunday AM with 3 services go a little more smoothly.

We got to town, unloaded, checked in to the hotel, and headed to the church.  Trent got set up, Oliver fussed and wanted to go to the nursery, I went out to get a baby carrier so I could wear Amelia, we got locked out and no one heard us knocking, Trent finally came out and got us, we sound checked, Oliver cried and behaved like I've never seen, we finished, got dinner, and Oliver said, "sorry, Mommy.  I try to be a good boy" and that made us all emotional.  Yowza.  It. Was. A. Day.  But we DID IT.

Then came our first morning to get up and ready.  All was going well.  Until Trent had to load up all our stuff.  There was not a luggage cart to be found.  So, while I watched babies in the breakfast area, he made about 5 trips to load the car.  All while the front desk people just sat there.  No, "hey!  Let us try to locate another cart for you, sir."  Poor Trent was drenched before the day started!

Sunday AM at church went relatively smoothly.  We had a nice woman watch Amelia the whole time and she cried at one point, but Mama to the rescue with milk.  
After the 3 services, we quickly loaded up to head to Salado to see my fam.  But, not before Oliver had a blowout and I didn't have any wipes, so more good times.  

The drive took way longer than it should have because TRAFFIC and CONSTRUCTION and I-35.  Also, I've become the master at what I call, The Lean and Feed.  It's because Amelia doesn't take a bottle or paci and she needs to calm down sometimes and so I lean over and let her nurse.  It is what it is.

Killing time while Daddy is getting snacks.

First trip under her belt!  (Or dress, whatever.)

It was like we could finally breathe.  We did it!  And we had a great time at Heritage.  Stayed tuned for our next stops...

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