Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Georgia, Oh Georgia

So, after Florida, we made our way up and over to St. Mary's, GA.  We sang special music at Ignite Church.  We played there last year (almost to the day) and I was pregnant and didn't know it.  And now we had this nugget.  CRAZY.

We did a concert that night and a lovely attendee (is that the word?) got this shot.  
We enjoyed our time with those guys and always feel honored to be invited back.

A day off meant another beach day.  We went to Fernandina Beach, FL (a quick 20 mile drive), which is one of our favorites.  

*heart eyes*
Unfortunately, rain/thunder/etc. came and we left after only about 30 minutes.  Bummer.  

We got back to our guest house and let the boy play in his diaper outside because classy.  And because sandy.

He asked me to hold him and YES.  Always yes.  

Sister girl getting some work done.  (Can't believe she's crawling now!!)

We had a chance to hang around historic St. Mary's.  We walked, enjoyed the playground, and had lunch.

That night, we had a show at Lighthouse FM at The Rock.  We love these people!!!  Also, sound check success. 

Oliver got to hang out and watch YouTube and play with cars.  He also got a cupcake, so, 
L I V I N.

I nursed Amelia right before we played and she had an epic blowout.  You can't see it in the picture, but there is sure enough a giant wet spot on my pants from me wiping up ALL THE POOP.  

The Rock is broadcast live on the air.  Towards the end, Trent asked how much longer we had.  Vickie basically said that Amelia is crying and all the mamas have tried all they know.  So, that's when I got up and rushed to her. 

I got her, walked outside and Sister was asleep in seconds.  All that crying was hard work!

We left the next day to meet up with my family in the Destin area, so stay tuned.  Until then, enjoy baby rolls. 

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