Friday, October 28, 2016

Wenzel/Barlow/Self/Monk VACAY

After Georgia, we made our way to Watercolor, FL (near Destin) to meet up with my family for a little vacay!  It was relatively last minute but worked perfectly for all the 14.9 schedules involved.

We got to immediately go to the ER because of this rash.

Diagnosis?  Staph.  Fun times.  But the boy handled it so well.  Antibiotics for 10 days... :/

The rest is basically pictures with very little commentary, so enjoy =)

Oliver was Elliot's shadow and she was (and is) so gracious and patient and good with him!

Amelia was fed and Oliver was napping, so my mom said we could go to the beach BY OURSELVES.  It was pretty great, although we just talked about the kids lol!


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