Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Amelia is 9 months!!!

Dear Amelia,

You continue to amaze me.  You are growing so fast and getting so strong and independent!  You're off the charts and you're perfect.

22 lbs, 11oz

You are so different from your brother.  He was never a fan of doctor visits.  But, at your check-up, you hardly cried at a finger prick or a shot!  I was so surprised.  You're brave and tough.  You're a little low on iron, so we're trying to up your intake naturally before any supplements.

This month you really started eating!!!  Pretty much what we eat plus some baby food.  You can already hold a pouch and are drinking from a straw.  Getting your face wiped is not a favorite.

You can use your finger and thumb to feed yourself and I'm happy to say avocado hasn't made you throw up!  So who knows what those episodes were.  You don't like it, which I don't even know what to say about that.  You like pretty much everything else.  You've even had Thai chicken soup.  And maybe a sip of juice or two.  And maybe a little bit of oatmeal cookie.  (Oh, the benefits of being the 2nd kid.) 😏

You're sleeping pretty well at night.  Some nights, you only get up once and have gone as long as 10 hours.  Naps are here and there.  Some days, you only have one.  Some days you have two.  Sometimes you fight it and sometimes you go right down.  If only babies came with manuals and if only babies were predictable. 
You still have 8 teeth!  You've been chewing on your finger but I can't feel anything yet, so Tooth Watch shall continue.   

This month brought your first Christmas, first Santa, first really cold weather, and first snow!  You're so go with the flow and chill.  Santa didn't scare you and the snow was like, "ehh. No biggy." 

Your brother's toys are irresistible.  I think you just want to play with him and be oh so big.  He makes you laugh like no one else can and you light up and kick your legs when we go get him up in the morning or after nap.  I hope and pray y'all are always close and look after each other.   

You seem to look like me and I seem to look like Paads.  Haha!
The car still isn't your favorite.  Night is worse and having a light on seems to help.  The song that calms you instantly is Frozen Heart from Frozen.   The phone doesn't help since you really don't care about shows or TV.  And still no paci, although sometimes you put it in your mouth.  You're a silly girl!

It was so fun to buy you pink toys for Christmas!  Sure, you're more into measuring cups and water bottles and remotes right now, but one day you'll love them all.  

You make zerbert sounds with your lips, say mamamama and babble adorably.  You move your hands around in circles and wave your hands above your head when you hear music or get excited.  And you seem to be starting to wave!  It makes Daddy so happy when you smile and laugh when he comes home. 

You're standing for many seconds and seem to be so close to walking!  I can't believe it.  You can squat down and pick up a toy with little to no help and you're starting to dance.  We say, "get it, girl!" And get it you do.

 Also, I promise I put clothes on you most of the time.  😂

You're no longer in your baby bath.  You're in the rubber ducky and you love it.  Splashing makes you laugh and getting your ears cleaned does not.

We still call you Little, Sister Girl, Girlfriend, and Oliver is now saying Amelia (but usually Muuulia.)  And Goosie Girl is coming out of my mouth now since Oliver is Goose. 

Sweet Amelia Donn, you are an absolute joy to mother.  I love you more than words can say.  May the stars always align for you...

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