Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Easter Festivities

Growing up, Easter meant a new dress, an egg hunt, church, and lunch with family.  Fond memories, for sure.  There have been years where we've been on the road for the special day, but this year, obviously, (due to me about to pop), we were home.  

Palm Sunday weekend, I found an egg hunt nearby (30 minutes away!) and we decided to go...even though it was a cold day.  There were bounce houses, games, cotton candy, the Easter bunny AND a helicopter dropped the eggs right before the hunt.  Big hit for the kiddos.  


He made the first one and we all went wild =)

Gotta give a styrofoam bunny a hug, right?

Bunny success.  Then, after the picture, he looked at the volunteer with the candy and pointed to his basket.  My word, child.  

It was a super fun morning and we had time to grab a bite before getting home for naps.  His look says it all.  Worn out.  

I was hoping to have a baby by Easter, but that didn't happen.   I made sure Oliver woke up to a little basket of goodies that I'd been collecting for weeks.  There was also a book and those cute stuffed animals from Gigi and PawPaw   He was so excited.   

Our neighbors invited us to a lunch with some others from our church and we were so glad to go.  It was nice to fellowship all day and enjoy another hunt!

And he loved the trampoline.  

Blurry bunny ears...

 Our church meets in the evening and it was a wonderful service.  Easter always gets me super emotional.  That plus waiting patiently for a baby girl plus amazing music...well, I had some moments.  

We had a great day.  He is risen!!!


  1. Happy Easter Monks! Hang in there Momma, so soon you'll have that sweet baby girl all snuggled up in your arms. sending love your way, can't wait to see the pics of her, and of the two of your kiddos together! eeee!! much love! xxoxo

  2. Your son is truly adorable and glad that you had such a great Easter party. I have been to an awesome party at one of venues in NYC this year with kids. It was a great fun and we all enjoyed a lot there with everyone.