Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cosby Corner

Yes.  I decided to blog about the The Cosby Show.  Is that crazy?  Don't answer that.

My all time favorite episode came on the other day and I got all warm and fuzzy.  It's the one where Cliff and Clair decide to teach Theo a financial lesson about The Real World.  You remember... Harley Weewax?  Here's a clip to jog your memory.

My parents were crazy strict about what we were allowed to watch growing up.  (At the time, it sucked.  But now I'm thankful).  No Simpsons, no Married with Children, no Wonder Years (that ended up changing), no MTV, no Dirty Dancing (I saw this at a slumber party without my mom knowing and was so riddled with guilt I confessed as soon as she picked me up), and Rosanne was quickly taken off the approved list as soon as this happened.  But, The Cosby Show, we were always allowed to watch.  Even now, I can hear that music and be taken back to when TV was less reality (which I love now) and more family friendly.  Good stuff. 

I've created a list of what I remember/love about it.  In no particular order:

1.  The aforementioned episode.  It really is a classic.  You can watch on hulu plus. 

2.  The artwork in the house.  It's just beautiful and I love it!  There's an episode where Vanessa gets in a fight because some girls called her a "rich girl" because she told them her parents spent $11,000 on the painting above the fireplace.

3.  Rudy calling Kenny, "Bud."  Just look how ADORABLE they are: 

4.  Cliff Huxtable and his sweaters.  I mean seriously.  And this is just a taste:

5.  The button worn on Cliff's sweaters.  There it is...on a shirt:

6.  Denise making Theo the "Gordon Gartrell" shirt:

7.  Since I brought up fireplaces...there's one in the kitchen and master bedroom.  Here's the kitchen one.  If it were me, I'd have a set of Christmas stockings at every place of fire.  But, that's just me.    

8.  Since I brought up the kitchen, I like the swinging door.  It can really make a statement when you enter or exit.

9.  When the family sings lip-syncs for the grandparents.  Oh. My. Word. Precious.  And that's just one...but it's by favorite because Rudy is just too much.  

10.  I was never a fan of Elvin, but quite enjoyed when Olivia joined the cast.

11.  When they have a funeral for the goldfish.  

12.  How every season they have a different theme song and intro.  I think this is my favorite.  It's just so sassy and fun.

13.  Dr. Huxtable reminds me of my father.  If you know my father, you understand this very factual statement. 

14.  If more people parented like Cliff and Clair, the world would be a better place.

15.  Denise's wardrobe choices...while appropriate for the time, I still question her.  I feel like she needed to remember the ever important tip "always remove one accessory before leaving the house."  I forget who said that, but I'm pretty sure they are very stylish.
Bad example.  I'd actually wear that.  How bout this:
Wait.  That's cute too.  And I think I own that hat.
And here.  I mean no disrespect, but hmmmm:

16.  They all hang their coats up AS SOON as they come in the door.  Who does that?  Mine stays on the chair AT LEAST a day or two.

17.  Cliff and his track days...Combustable Huxtable!  Love.

18.  Vanessa gets caught sneaking to a Wretched concert.  I adore how the parents handle it.  

19.  Cockroach:

20.  Sondra always bothered me too.  So, with her and Elvin, Winnie and Nelson (their twins) had no chance...sorry kids.  I'm sure you were adorable.

21.  Poor Dr. Huxtable and his bad eating habits.  He loves the salt and the hoagies.  Who can blame him?  Not me, not me.

22.  Their tiny back yard.

23.  When they go to Jazz Clubs.

24.  Sammy Davis Jr. guest stars and he's just so tiny and cute.

25.  Did I mention that the theme song changed every year?

26.  Theo hiding his newly pierced ear.  Classic Huxtable parenting moment.

27.  Cliff and Clair being lovey-dovey.  

28.  Vanessa and her clarinet playing.

29.  I like cousin Pam.  And her sassy friend Charmaine.

30.  Speaking of them, when they go to spy on Rudy and her friends at a club.  With Lance (Charmaine's boyfriend).

31.  Cliff tap-dancing 

32.  They record with Mr. Stevie Wonder.  "Jammin on the one."  Probably my second favorite.

33.  I would like to point out the Bill Cosby is on Jimmy Fallon as I type tonight and that was not planned.  I'm sure that means something very special.  It has to...

34.  I'd also like to point out that I saw Bill Cosby at the Ferrell Center when I was like 10.

35.  Jello.  (More Cosby and less Huxtable).  And that face:

What are your favorite Cosby moments?  


  1. Shellie, I just stumbled on this and I'm pretty sure you and my wife, Jules, are kindred spirits. She LOVES The Cosby Show (as proof we have EVERY SINGLE EPISODE DVR'd) and there is a video of the kids and I performing for her that I'd share if it wasn't for my ego :)

    1. Haha! Glad you stumbled over here! Your wife sounds like she has good taste ;-)

      { Be Blessed }