Friday, February 10, 2012

Trent's Live Record

For those that don't know, Trent recorded a live record in Canyon, TX at Palace Coffee Company on January 4th.  It was a great show!  Special thanks to the Palace and Jason and Gaylene Latham. Lots of people and lots of funny stuff made the night a memorable one.  (Here's the cover, by the way.  I would guess Trent is about 10 months here, but what do I know?  And that's Tuck and Pat Monk, his grandparents).

These are some pictures a friend took of the night.  Find her here. I just love her edits!

About 4 days before the show Trent said he needed to find an MC for the night.  That way he could make himself hidden until it was his time to perform.  Without thinking it through, I volunteered and immediately wanted to take it back.  But, Trent was so overcome with joy that I would be willing to do it, I couldn't back out.  So, that means, for 4 days I was a nervous wreck.  I don't like talking in front of people, not adults anyway.  Just looking at this picture makes me sweat.  And, I must say, I'm so thankful I wore black that to the sweat. 
And here we go...
 The oil painting you see had been hanging on the wall at the Palace, for sale.  The artist was at the show and afterward, gave it to Trent.  On the back he wrote "from one dreamer to another."  Needless to say, it made us cry.  

 How fabulous is the Palace bus?  Not gonna lie, I'm a tad jealous.
  My favorite part of the show.

 See the sweat?  Stay tuned for a fun fact.

 I'm sure he was telling a funny:

 Okay, the sweat.  My man does it a lot.  It's even shorted out his guitar a few times because the sweat got into the electronics.  That happened on this night.  So, he had to pick up Kacie's guitar. (Thanks Kacie)!  It's such a pretty guitar, but it looks weird in Trent's hands.  I'm just so used to that beat-up, written on, held together with tape, stickered Taylor.
After the show, the family posed.  Me, Amy, Travis and Kimberly.  (Travis and Kimberly are Trent's bro and sis and Amy is Travis' girlfriend...and I'm the sasquatch).
First Trent Monk Live record officially on the books and under our belts (well, Trent's belt.  I didn't have one on).  Feels good!

Y'all are going to love the final product!

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  1. I'm so excited to hear the final product! The show was great and the album will be awesome!