Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Day (Eve) Post

Trent and I are homebodies.  I'm also {pretty} easy to please and don't require expensive gifts to feel happy or loved, which means for Valentine's Day, we will stay at home and are totally cool with that.  Trent will cook (like he does every night) and I requested his HOMEMADE gnocchi.  (They are like fluffy pillows of yummy goodness that make me feel bad for people who can't have flour).  Going out to eat and getting fancy gifts is definitely not a bad thing.  If you've got extra money for that stuff, you go for it.  (If we had some extra cash, a pair of Toms would be my first choice...preferably these or *oh my goodness*, I just found these).  

Anywho...back to my point.

When we first saw the preview for The Vow, we both cried.  Not boo-hoo, mind you, but there were some tears.  The preview prompted me to ask him if he would make me fall in love with him again, if I woke up and didn't know who he was.  This is the resulting conversation...

Me: "If I woke up and didn't know who you were, would you make me fall in love with you again?"
Trent:  "Of course!"
Me: "How would you do it?"
Trent: "Well, it'd be easy."
Me: "Why would it be easy?"
Trent: "Cause I know you so well."
Me: "Okay. How would you do it?"
Trent: "We'd go to funny movies, I'd make you laugh, and I'd take you to the beach."

Now, all the laughter that happened may not translate, but I got so tickled.  We both did.  It made it sound like all it takes to make me love him, is to get me to laugh and get me in the sun.  I'm a little more complicated than that and of course us falling in love was more involved than laughing and beaching. But just him saying that made me love him even more, as if I thought that was possible.  He didn't say, "I'll take you to Paris, buy you a Louis Vuitton, drive you through the wine country and we'll dine at the finest restaurants in the world."  He knows me and I know him and that conversation melted my heart.  I do love my man more than words can say and I am so thankful to God for my Valentine.  And for his gnocchi...
{above photo by Jami Nicole}

What are your plans for 2/14/12?


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