Monday, February 6, 2012

... Georgia On My Mind ...

One of the great things about living in Nashville and one of the main reasons we moved to this wonderful city, is that it's centrally located to the states that Trent tours.  (I'll spare you the geography lesson, but go get a map and check it out).  Anyway, we go to Georgia quite often and this last time was to Toccoa Falls College and Hampton, which are both close-ish to Atlanta.  We have been to both before, so it was wonderful to see old friends!

I thought it was nice for this truck to put our monogram on the back.  I'm not sure what the 60 means, though.

Toccoa Falls College.  Beautiful campus and sweet kids.  Can I call them kids?  Probably not. I took this while sitting at merch.  I'm normally in the back, so it was fun to be so close to the action!

We got to Hampton and these treats were waiting on us.  Chocolate covered popcorn, if you're not aware, is addicting...and I'm okay with that.

Our friendly stalker, who also happens to be sweet.

{Worship Sunday AM @ Berea Christian Church}

This sweet woman is Nancy Lynch.  She and her family have known Trent since before I came into the picture and he always spoke highly of them. I am so happy to now call them friends, too.  (I squatted because she is just so tiny, or I'm giant, or both).

{Concert Sunday PM}

This sweet nugget:
A. came in asleep
B. when he woke up played air guitar in rhythm with Trent
C. reminded me of my nephew Griffin

This is Nancy's daughter, Sara Daniel and her husband Brandon.  Amazing couple with amazing hearts. (See Sara, I cropped it). 

When leaving our (amazing) guest quarters, we got to our car and saw the note on the door.  Adorable.  Then Janet brought us our goodie bag.  I had to document because it was just so yummy and perfect!  Yes, that's hummus you see.  You know how I feel about that goodness.

Leaving Hampton...Trent with David Fulton (pastor that can build anything)

And me with Janet (wife and wonderful cook/hostess/animal lover) and their dogs are in the pic too.

See ya next time!

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