Saturday, October 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): WELCOME

Five Minute Friday is the brain child of Lisa-Jo Baker.  Every Friday she gives a prompt to  write on for only 5 minutes.  No extreme editing allowed.  No worries about font, punctuation, or perfection.  Raw and real.  Then you link up to her blog.  

I didn't have a chance to do this yesterday, so Saturday it is!  The word:  WELCOME


Lots of things have changed as I have gotten older.  I worry about different things, I eat different things, I value different things, I pray for different things.  The list goes on.  And a new addition is how I adore the change of the seasons.

I welcome them.

Right now I want to give the weather a big hug and have coffee with it.  I welcome fall with pajama pants, slippers and a slightly darker blonde hair color.  I welcome fall with chai tea lattes and soup.  Scarves, hats, boots.  Doors and windows open.  Walks outside where dying from heat stroke isn't a possibility.  And with a home adorned in pinecones, pumpkins, acorns and autumn leaves.

Yes.  I welcome the seasons.  And it just dawned on me as I type...maybe I should welcome personal seasons as well.  

Even when they're not as enjoyable as brisk mornings and crisp nights.  Even when they make me feel exhausted and tired and sweaty.  Or when they make me feel numb to the bone.  Welcome them.  Because, after each season, there is a new one coming.  A new day.  A new beginning.  A new bud that will blossom into fruit.  He intended it that way.  Trust it.  Welcome it. 



  1. Love this idea--welcoming seasons of life! A positive way of looking at things. Thanks for playing FMF with all of us!