Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ain't Nothin' but a G Thing, Baby

If I had labels on my blog, this would be filed under "food rambling."  Just so you're warned...

Are you familiar with the gluten-free craze?  If you're not, you should get out of the cave that you're living in.  It's everywhere.  On magazines, on cooking shows, on shelves at every grocery store.

I heard about it a couple years ago and was like "You want me to what? Stop eating wheat? That's hilarious and crazy and not going to happen."

So, I continued to eat gluten and continued to question those who didn't. I understood those with allergies and what not, but by choice? I didn't get it.  We love us some pasta and I love any type of cracker...usually dipped in any kind of dairy, which apparently is not good for us either. (Ugh).

But, a few weeks ago, I picked up a free magazine and one of the cover stories grabbed my attention.  Something about "Wheat Belly," but I can't remember for sure.  Anyway, I read it and the evidence and reasoning behind being g-free, was enough for me to entertain the idea.

And WHOA.  When you make the change you quickly see that gluten is in EVERYTHING.  Now, let me say that I'm not going crazy overboard here.  With what Trent and I do for a living, I'm not about to go into a church or home stay and bark out my dietary needs and concerns.  Not even a chance.  So, we've just been eating mainly lean protein, eggs, salads (with homemade dressings), and veggies.  I like how I'm feeling. 

(Then yesterday morning we had oatmeal and apparently it was contaminated with gluten and without going into too much detail here, my stomach had some issues). 

(It wasn't pretty).

The change hasn't been all bad.  I don't miss bread, but I would fight for some goldfish crackers and a croissant roll does sound pretty good.

The dairy thing?  Not even going to happen.  Not a chance.  I could maybe not do milk, but don't take away my cheese.

Small steps people, small steps.

Are you G-Free?  Or kind of G-Free?  Discuss...

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