Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Heading West: Part I

Greetings from a hotel room in Morro Bay, CA!  We are continuing our way up HWY 1 today, but I wanted to get the "first leg" on the books, so to speak.  

WARNING:  Lots of pictures, so feel free to scroll.


We left Amarillo and had 2 days to make it to the LA area.  We took our time and it felt good.  Usually, we limit stops and eat in the car, but this trip, we were like old people and did the opposite.

The first night, we stopped in Williams, AZ.  An adorable town on Old Route 66.  Also known as, "The Gateway to the Grand Canyon."  Who knew?  We didn't.  But we do now.  

We enjoyed the town so much.  We even got to see a cowboy shootout.  It was cute at first but took a lame turn and so we snuck away.  Plus, the fake guns were very loud and made me jump every time.  And even scream a little.  The show would be great for kids.  But, we aren't kids nor did we have kids with us, so we went and had Mexican food.

Originally, when planning our tour/days off, we had planned on seeing the Grand Canyon later in June when we're back in Arizona.  We had no idea we were so close to it (51 miles) from Williams.  So, we knocked that out before we started the drive to California.  And y'all?  It is breathtaking.  Pictures do not do it justice.

Even though it added a couple hours to our trip that day, we were glad we saw it.  

The next stop was Santa Clarita, CA for a Sunday morning worship service.  This was the sky as we pulled into town on Saturday.  It looked like storm clouds.  Turned out to be smoke from all the fires!  Crazy looking.

And so here's the only picture from church.  I snapped it before everyone got there.  Ha!  
The pastor and his wife were sweet and said we should move to California and lead worship for them.  We said our parents already don't like us living in Nashville and they would definitely not approve of California.  But, thanks! =)

We left church and drove to our hotel in the Hollywood area.  We checked in, changed clothes and drove to do the tourist thing...

Sushi and fried rice for lunch.

Hotel Roosevelt

The Hollywood sign from far, far away.

El Capitan Theatre where Jimmy Kimmel does his show.

Ahhh, yes.  Iron man.  I saw this guy and thought I needed a picture with him. He said he takes pictures for tips.  I said, cool, we gotcha, no worries.  Picture was taken and then we realized we had no dollar bills.  We stood there digging in my purse and pockets and ended up giving the guy a $5 because the only other option was $.57 or a $10.  Note to self:  always have ones in tourist towns.  Rookie mistake.

Chinese Theatre.  Lots of people dressed in costumes around here.  Random people.  Even saw a blonde Asian woman dressed as an American astronaut waving an American flag.  Oh, and hey!  They'll take pictures with you for tips!!!  (Make sure you have dollar bills.)  

Dolby Theatre

The stars...

Because I love Miss Congeniality I & II and also The Blind Side and other SB movies like Two Weeks Notice and 28 Days.

Because we've become fans of Penn while watching Celebrity Apprentice.  We might even go to a show in Vegas.

Because, duh.  

Because if you don't take a picture of Chuck Norris' star, he will find you.

My take away from Hollywood:
I'm glad we got to go.  I'm glad I got to see it.  It's dirty and crowded and people smell like alcohol and pot.  The traffic in Hollywood/LA makes Atlanta traffic seem like Mayberry traffic.  If we ever go again, I'd like to fork over an arm and a leg to do a bus tour, but I'm still not 100% on that.  But, again, I'm glad we got to go =)

We are having too much fun and I am so thankful I get to do this with my man.  

~ Stay tuned for the rest of the story ~

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