Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Oregon Trail...

Do y'all remember that game?  Oh I loved it so much.  Although, it was never fun to get dysentery or have to go sell stuff to get a new wagon axle.


Greetings from Arizona!!!

We left California and headed up to Oregon.  We stopped in a town called Yreka, CA for the night.  I didn't take pictures because the town wasn't much to look at.  But the history is quite neat!  Take a read here.  I'll also inform you that we were able to find very good Mexican food.  Amen.

On the way to our campsite near the North Bend/Coos Bay area, we saw Mt. Shasta.  It is HUGE!

When we stopped to get groceries, I decided I needed some pants to keep me a bit warmer.  And these babies were only $7 at the Walmart.  Yay!

Is he cooking leaves?  No.  That's a lot of kale.  

When we booked the site, we got water and electricity (like always) but when we got all settled and ready to air up the mattress, the outlet was for an RV thingy.  And the closest store was already closed. In other words, we had to wait until the next day to get an adapter thingy so our extension cord would work and I could have a space heater.  The first night of sleep was BRUTAL.  That is not an exaggeration.  We're talking mid-40s people.  That's cold.

After two nights of camping, we had a show in North Bend at Celebration Center Church.  

They put us up in a casino for the night and I was all, "we're not in the Bible Belt anymore, Toto."  It was a great room with an even better view.

The show was fantastic!  And we are so thankful for their hard work with promoting.  We will definitely be back!

Big thanks to Pastor Ron and Debbie.  Awesome folks!  (But can we discuss WHAT IN THE WORLD is happening with my bangs.  Good lawd.)

We left the hotel/casino and headed back to the campsite where I commenced to being freezing and questioning how anyone can handle that weather when it's supposed to be summer.

We I decided we needed to make s'mores.  They are so good and I cannot believe this was a first for us while camping.  I must tell you...there is now a trend to, instead of Hershey's chocolate, use a Reese's cup.  We didn't try it, but it's been put on my list of get in my belly.

And The Best Marshmallow Roaster-er has now been added to the list of Trent's many talents.

When we were finished with the roasting stick, I used it and fire to make a sign!

One of our dinners: potatoes and onions with butter, veggie medley (kale, peppers, onion, mushroom), turkey sausage, chicken, shrimp.  Yum.

He can also stoke a mean fire.  With tiny sticks.  

It made us laugh because it reminded us of one of the best SNL skits of all time.

One day, we went to Heceta Beach.  It was then confirmed that we do indeed love any kind of beach.  Cold or not.

Our last night camping, we decided to go to town to eat.  The closest town was Florence and it proved to be another cute town on the coast.  Lovely and quaint.  And I'll tell you crab stuffed mushrooms were devoured eaten and enjoyed with class.  

The next show was also in North Bend and the church owns a cabin in the woods.  We were able to stay there for two nights (and shower and do laundry, praise Jesus).  It was so cool.  We love open floor plans and tend to say things like, "oh, we could totally live here."

Trent had an interview with Rick at the local station, K-LIGHT.  They were a pleasure!  Also, a lady works there named Sandra Bullock.  =)

A listener who owns a restaurant on the bay, heard the interview and called to invite us to lunch.  We were thrilled and honored!  Walking down that ramp thing made me a tad nervous, but what awaited was totally worth it.  Fresh, fresh, fresh seafood. 

This is the owner's boat right beside the restaurant.  He catches daily what he serves daily.  And what he doesn't catch, he gets from local fishermen.

Thanks, Rob!!!

The show was that night at Hauser Community Church.  Trent broke a nail (one that he uses to play guitar) at the radio station, so we had to find a place to repair it.  After eating, we were pressed for time and it didn't help that we went to 3 places that had no openings or were closed.  Then we found a girl who literally had 10 minutes before her next appointment.  Crisis averted.

The show was another great one.  People in that area sure love concerts!  

We had a wonderful time in Oregon.  It was beautiful and I'm not going to lie...sitting here in Arizona, I could use a little bit of that Oregon weather.  Just a little.


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