Monday, September 9, 2013

Destin, Our Destin

In January, Trent's parents (Tim and Ginny) said they wanted to take us to Destin the first week in September.  We were thrilled to say YES and plan our schedule around the trip.  It ended up being a kind of babymoon for us.  And we were even more excited because with our many stops in Florida, we hadn't been to Destin since 2009.

Look at us.  So young, so young!

We left Nashville on Sunday and drove to Montgomery, AL for the night.  Our first stop, though, was the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  Trent and I went with my parents a couple years ago and were pumped to take Tim and Ginny.  It really is an awesome tour and incredibly interesting.  Even if you don't like whiskey, you'll enjoy it.  

We got to Destin, ate lunch and were able to get checked in early!  Hallelujah.  Our cart was loaded down.  And look!  Our box fan made the trip, too.  

Coming through the door of our condo took our breath away.  Nothing but ocean.    

This.  Is what I woke up to each morning.  

We enjoyed watching the sunset the first night there.  

Ahhhhh.  Paradise.  First day on the beach!

I had to document Oliver!



Now listen.  Normally, Trent and I sit out in the hot sun and cool off with periodic dips in the water.  We still cooled off with dips in the water, but the umbrellas? Oh, that's the way to go.  We have been converted.  Shade is what's up.  (I think this is where I realize we've gotten old.  Or smarter.  One of the two.)

Beach day #2.


The condo had some boogie (sp?) boards and they were so much fun!  Trent got on that thing so many times he ended up with boogie board rash.  Like a real surfer and everything!  

I did not do it as much.  But I did watch.

We had dinner at one of our favorite places, The Boat House.  Good food, live music, and views of the Destin Harbor.  

Our last day there, we rented a pontoon boat and had a blast.

Trent's turn to drive!

And before we knew it, it was time to leave.  I'm going to miss having my coffee on this balcony every morning.  Next time we go, we'll have a little boy to play with!  And we can't wait.

Thank you GiGi and Tim!  



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