Thursday, September 26, 2013

:: Missouri and Kentucky ::

After about 5 days home, we headed back to Missouri for an awesome event with Peterson Outdoors Ministries.  More about that in a sec.

Because I have to tell you about the best soup ever.  It was chicken pot pie soup and was from a Flying J truck stop and I ate it before 10:00.  It was delicious and it didn't give me explosive diarrhea like I thought it might.  (You know, because it's from a truck stop.)  I crave that soup.  It's life changing.    

*Back to the event*

We met Misty and Tron in Arkansas at the Christian Waterfowl Association Festival.  They started a ministry that provides outdoor recreation to wounded warriors, veterans, and people with terminal illnesses.  When they sponsor hunts, spouses and children are invited and encouraged to come along as well.  

They are currently trying to raise 2.3 million in order to purchase the Lodge of Hope in Pierce City, MO.  They have 40 days to do it and the deadline is Oct. 12th.  And y'all?  This place is lovely.  

This is just the auditorium.  The grounds and 400 acres are beautiful and we are praying they receive full funding.

Hearing the testimonies from some of the soldiers of how Peterson Outdoors Ministries helped them was amazing.  PLEASE consider giving a donation.  Go to the Lodge of Hope website for more information. 

 And crazy side note, turns out they know who my brother-in-law is!  
(Nate Self. Google him.)

Us and the Petersons.  Such sweet people!

We spent the night in Springfield and left for Paducah, KY the next day.

We did an outdoor concert with a family we've known for a few years.  We hadn't been back to Paducah since 2011, so it was great to see everyone!  They fed us BBQ and even sent us home with some.  (Awesome.)  And the weather was absolutely perfect.  I even got a little chilly!

During sound check.  

A view from their deck before the crowd came.  Love the backyard.  I bet their Easter egg hunts are epic.

We drove back to Nashville right after the show, since it's only 2 hours or so.  

(That rhymed.)

This week we've been working, Trent's been writing, I found a dresser for Oliver storage (stay tuned), and we go to the doctor today.  

Then we leave Saturday.

Whew!  Time flies by.


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