Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oliver is 1 month!

Dear Oliver,

You are 1 month old!  As I type this you are actually 5 weeks, but you had your first well baby checkup today, so we're going with 1 month.

You're up to:
11 lbs 10 oz
23 in long


You did great!  You cooed and grunted to perfection and you even showed the nurse how you can pee…all over yourself, the table, and the wall.  Everything looks good and we are so thankful.  Your dad and I are really doing it, aren't we?  We're making it.

We have gotten to know you and are listening to you and your needs.  We know what cry means what…usually.  There are those times where you leave us scratching our heads and scrambling for ideas to soothe you.  You've only had a couple bad crying moments (we call them episodes) and they weren't too long. 

We have discovered that you LOVE the hair dryer.  You can scream and cry and you will stop instantly when we turn it on.  Whatever works, right? 

You also LOVE the space heater.  We use it when we bathe you so you don't get cold.  You do NOT like being cold.  Baths?  Yes.  Cold?  No.  That might be the one thing you got from me.  That and long toes.  You're welcome =)

You also do not like tummy time.  I try my hardest to get you to like it, but you do not.  Your neck is getting stronger, though, and that's all that matters.  You also grunt.  A. LOT.  We have found it's worse when you're working on something real special in your diaper.

We still keep your hands covered and in sock prison most of the time  You get so darn scratchy!  I'm happy to say that you're slowly earning more "probation" and enjoy putting those hands in your mouth.  
You eat a lot during the day but are now having longer stretches at night where you aren't hungry.  Yay for more sleep!  You're starting to smile a lot more and it melts our hearts.  We love you so much and that smile is something else.

You are growing so fast.  The newborn clothes are already too small and I try not to get too emotional about it.  You can even wear some 3 month outfits!  We jokingly, and with love, call you our Man Baby.

The past month is a blur.  It has flown by.  While I look forward to seeing you crawl and talk and walk and grow, I can't help but want this time with you to slow down just a little bit.  We watched a movie the other night and there was a scene where the oldest son leaves home for college.  It should be no surprise to you that we were a wreck.    

I absolutely adore you, Oliver Tuck.  To the moon and back all the way to my heart. 

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