Friday, January 3, 2014

The Oliver Nook

When we found out we were expecting, our lease was almost up.  That left us with about 2 weeks to either look for a new place or book shows so we could pay bills and, you know, eat.  We chose the latter.  Obviously.

Had we already had a 2 bedroom, I'd want Oliver in our room anyway (for the first few months), so it really wasn't an issue.  But, that meant we had some rearranging to do and also get creative with storage.

First, I need to share with you what my nephew, Blake, said last night.  He wanted to see where Oliver sleeps, so Trent took him to the room.  He said, "Oh.  Y'all all sleep in the same room?  That's strange.  It's like a hotel room."

Gotta love the honestly of little kids!!!

Our first purchase was a dresser from a thrift store.  We painted it and I'm still obsessed with it. 

Then came Oliver's crib.  I thought about a bassinet, but after some price comparing, the crib was the smarter purchase.  Then I got my craft on and stared putting the nook together.  I love it.

I made the bedskirt using this tutorial.  And the bonus?  The fabric was found at another thrift store for $2.99.  It also made the pillow.  (The adorable quilt was made by my way more skilled cousin-in-law and it helped me decide on colors.)

I made the bunting using burlap I already had (I have a thing for burlap.) and painted the O (which is a cardboard letter from JoAnn's) navy.  One of my former golf players is an art student in Boston and she kindly drew and painted the hot air balloon print.

A friend gave us the giraffe (yay for more burlap) and the hot air balloon print is a paint by number by yours truly.  The wire baskets were found at a flea market and were super cheap.  My clever husband had the idea to wire them together and hang them this way.  He's so smart!

This previously housed our glasses and cookbooks, but it got moved to the nook for clothes storage.

The nightstand.  A friend gave me the Coke bottle box and another friend gave Oliver the airplane piggy bank.  That canister in the back is a daddy find.  We were at a thrift store and he saw it and we needed to have it.  It says "Chocolate Oliver Biscuits."  I love it because it's weird and quirky and has the boy's name on it.

View from our bed.

View from the door.

And there you have it! The Oliver Nook.

Of course, it's a bit more messy now =)

I'm already sad thinking about not having our roommate when we move in the Spring.  Bless my heart.


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