Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arkansas or Bust

Our second run is on the books with our little man.  (At some point I'll stop keeping track, I'm sure.)  He did great, again.  We're still learning the best way to travel with him, so there were some screaming moments, but nothing too bad.  

Yes, we sometimes listen to ourselves.  Not a lot, I promise =)

A sweet friend (Hi Denise!) sent Oliver a box of goodies and this was in there.  He liked having something to look at!

The drive to Arkansas has some really pretty spots, especially when the sun is doing its thing.  Beautiful.

We had made plans to meet friends for dinner at 7:00, once we got to town.  Well, about 30 minutes before we got to the hotel, Oliver got hungry.  I was able to keep him calm for most of that time, but at about 6:50 he had HAD IT.  FEEEEED MEEEEEE!!!!!  

So, we pulled into the hotel, Trent unloaded, I stayed in the car and nursed and then we went to eat.  It was a new Texas Roadhouse in town and was very crowded and very loud.  Loud noises don't bother Oliver, unless he just wants to be DONE.  And he was.  He. Was. Over. It.  

Our lesson learned was not to plan dinner after a long travel day.  Bless his heart.  Once in the hotel, he was a happy boy and had fun with Daddy!  

Trent forgot his fan (he needs the noise to sleep and I now realize I do, too.) so we didn't get a whole lot of shut eye.  Plus, loading the car, eating breakfast, and having to be at the church at 8:00, made for an early morning.  Translation:  after Oliver ate at 4:30, I didn't go back to sleep.  I tip-toed around the room, had coffee and got ready with minimal light:

We had an awesome Sunday morning with the folks at Community Church at Chaffee Crossing in Barling, AR.  We were there last May, when I was 7 weeks pregnant, so being there this time with Oliver was a full circle, sweet, made me teary-eyed moment.  

Oliver slept while we played, in the arms of MiMi.  (Churches seem to have the best substitute grandmas!)  And I had a prepared bottle just in case he needed to eat and I couldn't get away.  He took it like a champ.  Good boy.

There was an adorable older woman who commented on Oliver's size.  She said, "well y'all are tall!  It runs in the jeans…and I don't mean Levi."  It cracked me up.  She reminded me of my Nana.

O wore a new outfit I got for him for $5!  I just love it.  He looks like a little man. 

And this is him chilling out while we load up!  

Another woman made a blanket for O.  Seriously cute and soft.  I'm still amazed by the kindness of people we meet on the road.  

We left right after church and made it to Collierville to see Carrie and Blake. That stretch of road was the first time I pumped in the car…while it was going down the road.  Helloooo milk cow.

Blake was so excited to see Oliver again.  He was sharing his toys, laying Buzz Lightyear on the blaket, and it was adorable.

He also was very curious how babies eat.  Referring to it as "magic" and "coming from that word I can't say." (Boob.)

It was a great trip.  We're slowly getting our road with baby legs under us.  Today, we go for Oliver's 2 month check-up and tomorrow we head to Florida.

Can't wait for warmer weather!

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