Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Little Punkin//Halloween

This was Oliver's first fall.  I'm saying was because it seems Old Man Winter is about to show his face. Anyway, we went to a pumpkin patch and did the whole picture thing.  

He loved the little pumpkin and was a little freaked out by the grass.  Ha!

On our way back home from our last run of shows, we stopped in Collierville again and went to Menagerie Farm for their Halloween fun.  Blake did it all… hay ride, train ride, fed animals, picked out a pumpkin, ate s'mores.  We kind of tagged along and watched.  It is such a neat place!

First pony!

Carrie photo bomb!  

We got home on Halloween and had plans to go to Green Hills Mall for a Halloween themed music class.  But, it was freezing and Oliver seemed to not feel well, so we stayed in.  He did get to dress up for our grocery run.  Also, I might've dressed up as a hippie to go get lunch.  No picture…rookie mistake.  

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