Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arkansas + Texas + Louisiana = October.

We were on the road (shows, family) for most of October.  Here's your warning… LOTS OF PICTURES.

Our first shows were in Arkansas so we broke up the drive and stopped to see the Barlow clan in Collierville.  Oliver loves to play with the steering wheel.   Mr. Man had big fun with Blake and all the fun toys he has and even played his first game of tag, which caused lots of belly laughs. 

We left the next morning for the short drive to Van Buren.  BUT, we ended up being stuck on I-40 for 6 hours.  SIX hours of no movement.  There was an accident involving a HAZMAT truck about 7 miles ahead of us, so both sides of the highway were closed for cleanup.

All I have to say is thank God for snacks, a nursing baby, and empty cups.  Know what I'm saying'?

It was about as much fun as toilet cleaning or ripping off your toenails.  We made it, though.  But we had to cancel the show that night.  Major bummer.  First time in 15 years that Trent has ever had to cancel!

We got to the hotel (in time to watch Nashville…hallelujah) and got all settled.  Oliver had a terrible night, so we did too.  We made it through that, as well.

So Oliver could nap, we had a picnic of sorts in the car at a park.  If we look tired, it's because we were.

That night, we played at Larry's Pizza in Fort Smith.  It was super fun.  Plus, we got to eat pizza.  Lots of pizza.  Baked potato pizza, quesadilla pizza, regular pizza, dessert pizza.  One could assume I was in Heaven.  Also, Oliver likes pizza.  Duh.

Our friend, Kerrie, watched O for us and they did great.  At one point, Oliver was sitting in a high chair facing us and clapping.  Adorable.

We left the next day for Amarillo.  And Santa came early.  PawPaw and GiGi took us to "the baby store" and they hooked our boy up.

Toys, diapers, and the now titled, Oliver Cave.  He digs it.

Sunday, October 19th (I remember the day because it was Oliver's 10 month b-day) we shared music at  First Baptist Church.  Everyone was so, so kind and helpful.  And it was a fabulous morning.  (And the sanctuary is beautiful!)

The nursery took amazing care of our boy and we got to sneak down there and peek at him.  He stole puffs from a sweet little girl.  Eeeek!  But we were told she was stealing, too.  All's fair in nursery snacks, I guess.

(Look at his wittle hand on her chair!!!  I can't even deal.  So sweet and mischievous.  It looks like he's pleading his case.)

Also, they have a hand rail in the hall, so I did some ballet.  

Funny story, an older woman walked by our table, looked at our CDs and said, "I have 300 cds at home and I don't need another one."  We cracked up.  Our feelings?  Not hurt in the slightest.  Seriously one of my favorite stories.

We played that night as well and got to leave Oliver with the grandparents.  We fantasized about checking into a hotel and sleeping.  Waking up to eat.  And sleeping again.  One day...

Mama Pat and Papa Tuck were in town and it was great to spend time with them!  I think they're pretty smitten with the boy.

We left Amarillo and drove to Salado to see the Wenzel/Self clan.  We were able to get there on Caleb's 13th birthday.  **Let's pause for a sec**  Caleb is 13.  How did that happen?  In my mind, he's still lining up cars and trucks and calling me TaTee.  It's exciting and sad all at the same time.  (Dear Oliver, stay little, ok?  Ok.  Good talk.)

Oliver gets smothered in the best way and he LOVES those kids.  Makes this mama/aunt heart happy.

Some Baby Einstein before bed… (and laundry folding)

Grammie watched Oliver and we had a date.  A sit-down-and-talk-while-we-eat-then-walk-around-Target-without-rushing date. It was bliss.

We did an outdoor home show in Austin alongside Redeemed Ministries.  It was a great night and Oliver slept upstairs the whole time.  (Until we got in the room, of course, then he thought it was time to get up and nurse again.  Stinker.)

We left the next morning and stopped to get our #RoadGrammie to head to the Dallas area.  

We played the Sock It To Satan Festival in DeSoto.  Trent played there in 2010 and it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Oliver had the nursery all to himself.  And he made sure he put everything in his mouth.  Like a dog marking his territory.

(The foot.  Kills me.  So cute.)

After we played, we met up with our friends Billy and Rachel (and Max) for some BBQ.  It was fantastic.

I forgot the diaper bag so Oliver had to snack on pickles before the meal.  Lots and lots of pickles.  (He was a fan…which is no surprise due to the amount I ate while he was in my belly.)  He and Max sat by each other and I wish I got a picture of them looking at each other and touching each other.  Seriously the cutest.    

The next day, Sunday, we went to Community of Hope in Mansfield to lead worship and have a concert.   Amazing time.  The sweetest people.  And turns out, the pastor had seen Monk and Neagle years ago in Salado.  Small world.

(Oliver had a nap on Grammie and this picture is one of my favorites.)  

He loves to watch.

The hotel had a Texas waffle iron because of course they did.  So, Oliver and I shared it.  (He didn't get butter or syrup.)

We left and went back to Salado for a couple days and this is what Grammies do while mommies and daddies pack up:

We left for Shreveport, LA to play at New Life Tabernacle.

After the show, while I handled merch, I was chasing Oliver around and a Nana of 9 grand babies commented on how active he is.  I felt some validation.  Like, "Yes.  Yes he is.  He doesn't stop.  Thank you for noticing."   

(Dinner in the hotel desk chair.  Fancy.)

It was another great night and we finished our run of shows feeling loved and blessed.  And it could not have been more timely.  He always does that; God is good.

Then we went home after stopping in Collierville one more time.  We're staying close to home this month and it's wonderful.  Except that we miss sleeping on a bed.  

Oh, the sacrifices we make for our babes. =)


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