Monday, November 24, 2014

Oliver is 11 months!!!

Dear Oliver,

I cannot believe this is your 11 month letter!  You are really changing!  You are non-stop and seem to want to play with things that aren't toys.

You love your cousins and pretty much any kid you see.  You smile and laugh at them all the time.

You've started to play with toys the "right" way (whatever that means) and still love toy balls.  Sometimes in the car, you cuddle with your lovie, Zoe, and now you sleep with a small blanket that Honey Lue gave you. 

You always beg for food even if you've already eaten.  And you eat a lot.  Like a horse!

You have another bottom tooth and two more up top starting to poke through.  Despite that, you're pretty much sleeping through the night!  Good job, buddy.  

When you're focused on something or nursing, you squeeze your index finger and thumb together.  You don't let me clip your fingernails or toenails much and aren't a fan of getting snot sucked out of your nose, but we manage.  

You have started making really funny faces and your personality is big.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how happy you are.  And you are.  So that makes it pretty easy to know if something's up…teething, sick, etc.  Because your mood changes big time.

You've started laying on blankets if they're on the floor and laying on pillows.  It's the cutest!!  You don't cuddle with us hardly at all.  Even at nap and bedtime, you reach for your bed.  Kind of makes me sad.  But, it makes the cuddles that do happen, that much more special.

You LOVE books.  Opening them, blabbing while looking at them, fussing when I put them up.  I hope you love to read always!  The music you're digging right now is David Crowder and Twin Forks.  You totally have a particular taste.

You've started copying us and can put a play phone up to your ear.  You can say Mama and Da and you say "Mmmbabum" and similar words all the time.  I wonder what you're telling us?  You've even reached out your hands to me and said Mama.  We think you'll say ball pretty soon, too!

You can wave and love to do that at Publix.  When I put a dirty diaper in the trash, we play a game.  I say, "1-2-3 shewie," drop it in, close the lid, then wave my hand.  You've caught on and now wave at the shewies in the diaper genie!  So smart!

During nursing sessions, you've tried to pick off my freckles and poke my belly button.  Haha!  Sometimes, you squish my tummy in your hands and I've never been more proud of the little extra I have there.  That was where we began our journey!

You think it's really hilarious to lock one of your legs when I'm changing you.  It makes it difficult, but we have fun with it and you cackle away!  One of your favorite things to play with during changes is an empty Altoid box.  Whatever works, right?

You point to things you want…food, toys, sippy cup (which you've pretty much mastered now).  And even point to Daddy's guitar when you want to hear some music.  I'll strum it and you'll smile instantly.  

(I call this picture when did my baby become a toddler?)

Getting you into your car seat is challenging sometimes because you'll arch your back and try to stand up.  Yowza.  We eventually get you in and you immediately reach for your car paci.  You also sleep with 5 extra pacis in your crib.  Sometimes when I put you down, we'll watch you on the monitor and you go through each one and change them out until you find just the right one.  So funny!

You're finally in size 4 diapers, you've climbed up some stairs (with me behind you), and you drink your bath water.  In other words, you're growing, you're learning, and gross.  

Oliver, I just can't.  This whole being a mama thing is big stuff and I thank God for trusting me with you.  That balance of wanting to see you grow and wanting to keep you little is a difficult one to keep.  You, my dear, are our greatest joy, we love you, and you are more than a blessing!

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