Thursday, May 25, 2017

Amelia's First Birthday Party

I wanted to share Amelia's first b-day party fun!  It was a great afternoon with close friends and some family.    

Much like Oliver's first birthday party, I looked at pinterest for a few scrolls and was like,  "Nope.  Not going down that road."  Because there was NO WAY this party was going to look like those parties, so I just went with pink and gold and white and called it a day.

Using drop cloth we already had on a banner stand and old curtain sheers, we made a hallway into her backdrop.   The highchair bunting is tulle tied in knots on string.  

I found an old spring for a crib on the side of the road (we use it for merch sales) and I pinned all my favorite pics from her first year onto it.  I got the balloons filled too soon and they were all deflated by party time.  Argh.  But the most important ONE stayed inflated, so, yay!

She thought the pictures were pretty neat.

That face!

Party favors:  sweet and salty bags.  Pretzels, popcorn with pink chocolate, and pink iced animal crackers.  "Thanks for POPPING by!"  

This lamp is usually red.  Once I had all the pink decor out, it was not pleasing to the eye.  So, I taped fabric on it.  😂  The shadow box now hangs on her wall.  

This picture is usually a canvas of colorful guitars which also wasn't going to work with all the pink.  So, I wrapped it like a present!  (I will do this with Christmas paper this year for the holidays.)

The food!!!  Pink lemonade, pink cups, and pink straws.  Duh. 

Did you know they make pink goldfish?  

Dollar store pink wafers.

I put a tutu around a bowl of strawberries because I CAN.

The cupcakes were from Walmart and were very good (and cheap)!

The bunting was made out of white tape, string, markers and skewers.  So easy!

O was a fan.

I made the bow and tutu and bought the iron on Wild One print from Etsy.

All the lanterns!!!  Oriental Trading is so affordable.  The gold and white ones are now in her room.

Best reaction:

 I mean.  😍

She didn't know what to do with the cupcake at first, but once I gave her a taste of the icing, she was all in.  A PRO.  

Blake came!

And so did Grammie!  Carrie, too, but she was taking pictures.  

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing! We are looking forward to seeing y'all on November!!!

  2. Happy birthday Amelia! What a great party and Shellie you always impress me so much with your craftiness - it was beautiful and she is going to love looking back on those leg warmers someday! Can you believe how fast they grow! It's so beautiful (and so sad!) xoxoxxo much love to your whole crew!