Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Amarillo by September (or something)

While we were in Texas in September, we made our way to Amarillo for some family time and a reunion!  

Oliver got to go to the Tri-State Fair.  It was a blast.  Trent and I hadn't been to a fair in forever and this fair is a big one.

The first stop was the carousel.  Oliver wasn't sure at the beginning but ended up liking it.

Of course there were trains.  Lots and lots of trains and lots and lots of rides on the trains.

There was a petting zoo and you could feed the animals.  Those goats mean business when they smell food.  And Oliver would crouch down to each animal and say, "Hi, cow!"  So cute.

A zebra!

We rode the ferris wheel and I got all the butterflies in my tummy.  I'm not as tough as I once was.

Oliver loved the "beep-beeps."

He also quite enjoyed his first cotton candy experience.  I'm still not sure how I left without getting a funnel cake, but that's fine.  I had a giant corndog.

Then, it was the big boys' turn.  Trent and his dad decided to ride this thing.  

They made it...and are pretty sure they won't ride it again.  Trent was actually sore for days after.  (Duh -- those things were folded up and on a truck the next week.  No, thank you.)

Tired boy.  (Holding the animal that I won him!)

Family shot before we left!

Then it was family reunion time.  Oliver and his cousin, Wiley, finally got to meet.  He kept saying, "Hi, baby!"

There was a hula hooping contest for the kids.  

We all went to dinner that night and PawPaw and GiGi watched Mister Man so we could eat in peace.  It was wonderful.  

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