Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gosh, I love Florida (and the people in it)

Back in July, we went to Florida for some beach time and a couple shows.  Nashville to the Clearwater area is a little long for us these days (what, with the kids and all) so we split it up.  

Lazy travel days!  

We made it to Largo, FL, unloaded, visited with our friends (hi, Dawkin clan!) and made our way to Clearwater beach the next morning.

Waiting for Daddy to get our spot set up!

Bathing beauty.  We invested in a canopy, which was a life saver.  

Oliver played so hard!  He and Trent were in and out of the waves all day.  Amelia and I stayed covered and we still got sun.

Beach playground for the next day.  Bummer the slide wasn't slideable (is that a word?) due to a kid leaving poop on it.  

We still had fun, though.  =)

We had a Q & A during The Feast at Smileys on Indian Rocks Church's campus.  It was great to share our stories of divorce and finding each other through those tough times.  Then we sang some songs, duh.

One night, Mama Madeline (our host every time we go down that way) watched O so we could have a date.  We ate some seafood, enjoyed the steel drums being played, and watched the sun set.  

Here's a better view of our set up.  

 He wanted to be buried! And y'all.  Beaching it with 2 kids was so hard.  It was fun, don't get me wrong.  But so much work.  I was basically stranded under the canopy, holding/bouncing Amelia, and nursing while being sweaty/sunscreened/sandy.  And Trent had to do the whole set up and tear down.  Then there's the whole showering, changing the diapers and clothes of the kids.  Exhausting.   

I remember seeing this sign when I was pregnant the first time when I didn't know if it was a boy or girl.  Full circle.  =)

Lastly, we played at Smileys again later in the week.  Amelia cried the whole time, so that was no good.  But, we had fun.

We left and made our way to St. Marys, GA for some more shows.  

**Stretches are very important while on the road**  

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