Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Camp -- (and Oliver's first crush.)

In June, we did a week long camp at Lake of the Ozarks at Windermere. We were invited to lead all the worship for the week for the youth from FBC Van Buren.  You guys...I had some feels. I remember my days at church camp and the seeds planted while there.  It was a delight to lead these kids in song.  

PLUS, we had a drummer and a base player.  What a change from our normal set-up!  So much fun.  (They are brothers and we could be their parents, had we gotten started very early in life.  Made us feel old but also thinking how we'd love for our kids to be so smart, talented, funny, and well-adjusted.  And Jesus-loving, of course.) 

That meant I got to stand up (with my shaker and tambourine) and sing.  It was different, but I liked it!  However, beating the tambourine on my leg for 5 days resulted in some bruises.   Yowza. 

We were told childcare would be no problem.  There would be lots of college kids there to help.  That was the truth!!  These kids were so helpful and Oliver had a blast.

Faith and Emily.  Emily taught Oliver about the Snapchat puppy faces.  Ha!

This is Faith.  Faith said she "doesn't do children."  Faith likes old people.  Oliver liked Faith.  Oliver didn't want to leave Faith's side.  Oliver cried for Faith.  Faith was amazing with Oliver.  I said "Faith you do do children."  Faith was Oliver's first crush.  

Anji.  She was amazing with Amelia.  She has two grown kids and we talked about the future grandkids she'll be wonderful with.  We also talked about Fixer Upper and old things =)

Emily and Faith again!  And India on the left.  India played water guns with O.

In between morning and evening sessions is when we'd go over songs.  Oliver wanted to try singing.  Pretty much ADORABLE.  He chose a Thomas song. 

An open gym?  Lots of room for cars and trains.  Also, Oliver would walk around the camp and say, "Hi, kids!  Here I am!"  Oh my, child.  

There was an open classroom that we kind of dumped all our kid stuff.  And kids.  Ha!  They were able to stay in there and play/sleep/poop.  

"Can you tell Emily bye and thank you?"

Sums it up.  Also, white pants.  Why on earth?  Well, because they're cute.  But, you'll get pooped on.

One day, we found a restaurant on the lake and ate lunch there.  It was a nice break from camp food and hotel room picnics.

Naps before the evening session!

Oliver and I wrote thank you notes to all the baby watchers.  He put on the stickers and helped sign his name.  

Amelia did great!  Fussy at times, but luckily, we were only singing for about 20 minutes.

The last morning.  Trent just did a couple acoustic worship songs.  So, we sat in the back.  Oliver did some puzzle apps.  

All the staff and kids and volunteers.  What a group!  What a week!

We had a great time.  Early mornings and long nights, but we all make it!  We'll be seeing these guys again in October and are looking forward to that.  

(Also, after having a band for a week, it felt strange to get back to just the two of us!)

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