Friday, September 9, 2016

July 4th, Zoo, Ice Cream

In July, we spent time with Trent's family in Amarillo.  Amelia got to meet people for the first time, which I failed to capture through pictures.  But, here are some pictures I did get... 

Oliver's first zoo experience.  The Amarillo zoo is small but it was a great intro.  And it was great weather...almost cool!  (Anyone ready for fall like me??)

Oliver's cousin, Wiley met us.  

Wiley didn't drive, lol.  Her mom, Kimberly (Trent's sister) did.  Honey Lue also came but she was hiding, I guess.  Ha!  

Oliver had his first ice cream cone!  What a treat.  He chose pink ice cream with sprinkles, as one does.

O and PawPaw.

Can't believe he ever fit in this!

Miss Thing standing on the counter.

Breakfast with a view.

At least she got a nap.

July 4th brought more family to town and Mama Pat was excited to meet Amelia!

Some movie time with GiGi to break up the day.

Monk, family of 4 in our red, white, and blue.

I mean...

Don't be jealous of my super fancy towel backdrop. #nailedit  

My babies.

 Trent had a lot of stuff in storage, including a piano, so we rented a Uhaul and drove home.  

I had the kids in the van.  I was nervous, as I don't drive often, but we took our time, took two days, and made it home safely.

It was a great time...

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