Saturday, November 19, 2016

Amelia is 7 months!!

Dear Amelia,

How in the world are you 7 months??  It seems so old to me.  And this month brought lots of changes. 

On the day of your shots, you threw up.  I don't know if it was because of the shots or because of something I ate or you ate.  It was short lived but oh so sad.  We let you sleep with us that night.

You reach for me and it's pretty wonderful.  You snuggle me and sometimes others, but mostly me.  Please always do so, ok? 

No one can make you laugh quite like Oliver.  You light up when you see him.  It makes our hearts burst!  We pray you two are close and always look out for one another.

You stopped taking a bottle at the beginning of the month.  I was a little concerned because Mommy and Daddy need date nights.  But, you're back at it and can even hold it!

You're sleeping a little better at night?? Some nights are better than others, but I can see a little improvement.  You are so chill and happy, especially if I'm holding you and you can see me.  You're not watching TV yet, which is good and bad, I guess.  Because sometimes, Mama needs a break.  Oliver was a pro at this age, haha!!

You have EIGHT teeth!  Before they were all in, you looked like a little Jack - O - Lantern, which was perfect since it was October.  These teeth keep coming!  You handle it pretty well, I think?  Or maybe not since you have interrupted sleep.  Who knows?!?

You are crawling!!!  Army crawling gets you there quicker, but you're officially on all fours now and I just can't believe it.  No more leaving you unattended.  Ha! 

You had your first Halloween and our little family of pirates was a big hit at the Trunk or Treat. 

You only got called a boy once.  #eyeroll

And then, on Halloween night, you were a spirited cheerleader! 

I don't think this needs a caption.  So yummy!!!  (You and the Coke.)

You suck on your top lip (adorable), love playing with empty water bottles (just like Brother), you're amazing in church nurseries, getting the hang of eating (squash is a fave), cling to me when I try to put you in the exersaucer, have survived your first bloody lip (fell on a toy), and you're almost sitting up.

You are such a bundle of snuggly, squishy, beautiful joy.  We cannot imagine life without you and can't wait to see what kind of little person you become.  Just don't get in a hurry, though, ok?

May the stars always align for you.  We love you this BIG!!!

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