Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our August: some crafts, some shows, and a rash that won't quit

August seems like it was a looooong time ago and I guess it was.  Anyway, here's what ours looked like...

I love crafts and love to do them with Oliver.  I had some empty frames and saw this idea and so we tried it!

Not perfect but perfect for his room.

One of Nana's embroidery hoops with some burlap and paint = random bathroom art.  Again, not perfect but it makes me (and others) smile.

The empty frames mentioned above were because we took out some CDS and put them all in one big frame that now hangs in our room/writing area.  I love how all the colors go together. And enjoy seeing years of hard work.

Now for some shows.  We went to Hampton, GA to play at Berea Christian Church's Homecoming service.  We always stay with the pastor and his wife in their guest house.  It's a great little getaway for us.  And Oliver started kind of swimming! 

Sister Girl rocking the swim diaper.
I don't have any pictures of us playing, but I'm sure you can imagine: it's me sitting and Trent standing and we're singing.  Hahaha!  The service was fun and the lunch after was yummy.  Gotta love a good ole church potluck.  Of course, Amelia had a blowout, but it happens. 

Another weekend in August, we made our way to Kennett, MO to play at FUMC.  We stopped in Jackson at the Casey Jones Railroad Museum.  We just let Oliver play a little and pick out a new train.  Such a neat place!

We got to the hotel and made a little tent for the boy.  The next morning, we led worship and did a little concert after the service.  It was outside and the weather was actually perfect! 

This was an early morning. 

Her face!  Hahaha!

"Mommy, can I wear Monkey and go to the store?"  So sweet.

Result of waking too soon...

Much needed haircut for the boy.

Daddy on diaper duty. 

Oliver's staph on his eye healed.  But then I took him in for a rash on his arm.  That was fungal and required an ointment. 

Then there was a rash on his nose.  I took him in and that was impetigo and needed an antibiotic ointment. 

Also, I ended up with staph on my face which required the same ointment. 

Also, some of Oliver's mosquito bites got infected and the ointment worked on those, too. 

All that to say, I swear we are clean people and bathe often.  If I ever see a rash again, it'll be too soon. 

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