Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Road Trippin'

The holiday season is upon us.  In addition to all the food and family, it usually means travel for most of us.  We are quite familiar with life on the road.  We have it down to a science.  Sure, there are curve balls like poopy diapers, traffic jams, and NEED COFFEE NOW, but overall, we LOVE the open road and the adventure it gives us.

We have our trusty mini-van, Charles.  (Yes, we name things in this family.) But, let's say you need a bigger vehicle for a road trip.  Did you know you could rent someone's car?  Turo is just that!  You can forego the big rental companies and rent privately!  You can meet up with the owner or arrange a drop-off.  Think Uber, but for rental cars.  Like Air B&B.  You can even list your car for extra cash!  INCREDIBLE.     

When we're home for too long, we get antsy.  There's nothing quite like getting in the car, picking somewhere to go, and cranking up your favorite tunes.  Life is an adventure and this country has some beautiful treasures.

When I was pregnant with Oliver, we drove out to California, up Highway 1, and to Oregon where we camped for a week.  I would love to do that with the kids and hit up San Francisco, since we didn't last time.  Who knows?  Maybe we fly and then rent through Turo when we're there!

Now to the fun part...MUSIC!!!  Good music makes road trips way more fun, right?  So I'm going to give you an idea of what our road music looks like.  And, no.  We don't listen to ourselves!

In no particular order...

Florence + The Machine // Dog Days are Over

Katie Herzig // Hey Na Na

The Lone Bellow // Then Came the Morning

Twin Forks // Can't Be Broken

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors // American Beauty

Gavin DeGraw // Not Over You

Patty Griffin // Stay on the Ride

Regina Spektor // Samson

The Lone Bellow // Cold As It Is

Marc Broussard // Home

Dave Barnes // Little Lies

Feist // 1-2-3-4

Jason Mraz // I'm Yours

Jack Johnson // Banana Pancakes

Twin Forks // Back To You

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors // Here We Go

Patty Griffin // No Bad News

Dave Barnes // What We Want, What We Get

Regina Spektor // On The Radio

John Mayer // Something Like Olivia

Jonas Brothers // Love Bug

Miranda Lambert // Makin' Plans


Regina Spektor // Folding Chair

Sara Bareilles // I Choose You

Twin Forks // Reasoned and Roughened

Ben Rector // Brand New

Andrew Peterson // Dancing in the Minefields

Andrew Peterson // The Rain Keeps Falling

Bob Dylan // Forever Young

Brooke Fraser // Something in the Water

The Civil Wars // Barton Hollow

Ben Rector // Song for the Suburbs

John Mayer // Walt Grace's Submarine Test

Ben Rector // The Men That Drive Me Places

Jack Johnson // Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

You guys...I could literally go on and on and on.  I love me some good playlists.  I didn't even touch 80s or 90s music.  Or the songs the kids like.  Or Christmas!!!  

So, what trip are you going to plan?  Where will the open road take you?  Why not start planning

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